Zeea's Eatery - Winter Menu Tasting

Zeea's Eatery - 553 Portrush Road, Glenunga SA 5064

On The Chopping Board (OTCB) were invited to Zeea's Eatery for a tasting of the new winter menu available for both lunch and dinner. All food and beverages were provided on behalf of Zeea's Eatery.  Zeea's Eatery has locations at Glenunga and the Brickworks and is part of the multiple available shopping experiences offered by the renowned Tony and Mark's

An Italian Rose to Start
Arriving on a cool Wednesday night, we are greeted by a warm interior with lovely bright yellow decor which conveys happy vibes complete with flowers on every table. We are seated and informed that the chef will be preparing a selection of dishes across the new menu for us to try. Lucky I've (Amanda) kept my food to a minimum today in preparation!

Mini Risotto Balls $7.90
First out are our vegetarian starters - the mini risotto balls and the stuffed medley. The risotto balls are flavoured with truffled mushroom, herbs and parmigiano reggiano. Arancini (or risotto balls) are one of my favourite things to eat and these balls are no exception.  A lovely crispy outer and moist cheesey centre with thinly diced mushrooms and wonderful truffle flavour ensure these balls are moreish and a delight to start the meal.

Stuffed Medley $8.90
The stuffed medley consists of an oven roasted stuffed mushroom and a stuffed tomato both filled with arborio rice, zucchini, carrot, mushroom and herbs. The stuffed medley is gluten free and vegan, which is a dietary offering throughout the entire menu. The filling is full of flavour with the inclusion of a variety of vegetables and herbs. The mushroom and tomato are cooked well retaining texture and juiciness. A great dish for both vegans and non-vegans alike!

Oink Piadizeea $12.90
The 'Oink Piadizeea', a lightly toasted, thin Italian style flatbread topped with thinly sliced roast porchetta (pork), provolone and wild rocket is another enjoyable start to the meal. On observing this dish, we didn't think it would be anything to write home about but surprisingly it is full of flavour and had the right combination of saltiness from the pork, freshness from the wild rocket and a good hit of sharpness from the melted provolone cheese. The base is crisp like a flatbread should be with a nice soft chew in the centre. With 5 other topping varieties to choose from, this is a great sharing style starter.

Cavatelli Pasta $18.90
We can't come to an Italian eatery without consuming some pasta so we get stuck into a nice winter sized bowl of 'Cavatelli Pasta' consisting of pancetta slices, swiss brown mushrooms, chilli, garlic, capers, kalamata olives and coloured tomatoes. Zeea's uses a variety of De Cecco and Mancini brand pastas which you can pick up on your way out after dinner as they are exclusively available for purchase at Tony and Mark's. The cavatelli pasta which are a curved shaped pasta, produce these little pockets that hold the sauce so well. I think I have found a new favourite shape of pasta! Overall we enjoyed this dish but found that there were too many salty elements used altogether for our palate i.e. pancetta, capers and olives. We are informed this is a very popular dish in Italy and if you are not afraid of salt then this is for you. I would have liked to have seen some more sweetness or acidity in the dish to balance this out.

All pasta dishes available can be replaced with gluten free pasta or zucchini ribbons at no extra charge which seems to be a rarity these days! Great job Zeea's.

Duck Risotto $21.90
The 'Duck Risotto' consisting of roast duck, spring onion and balsamic roasted beetroot is another gluten free dish and my favourite of the night. The pretty pink beetroot coloured risotto garnished with shards of parmesan is full of flavour indicating the perfect absorption process of stock and seasoning. The wedges of beetroot are roasted well with a lovely sticky sweetness from the balsamic infusing the dish. The roasted duck is outstanding in all it's juicy tender glory, with good sized pieces just falling apart on the fork. Yum, I'll be back for this one.

Barramundi $27.90
The grilled salt water Barramundi served with a lemon butter caper sauce, sauteed spinach and silverbeet is a light and zesty dish enhanced by an extra wedge of lemon provided on the side. The barramundi is delicately prepared ensuring moist flaky flesh and a delectable crisp skin. Together with the creamy butter caper sauce and sweet flavours of the spinach and silverbeet we thoroughly enjoyed this dish.

Confit Chicken $24.90
Our final dish for the night and one we regretably could not finish as we were pushing our stomach to the limits after the previous 6 dishes is the 'Confit Chicken'. This Maryland of chicken twice cooked with a salsa of capers, olives, chilli, roasted capsicum and coloured tomatoes is served on a big slice of grilled polenta. I'm not one to order chicken when out, often nervous there is always a good chance of it coming out dry but I was pleasantly surprised with this dish. Especially as this chicken was twice cooked! But alas it was juicy and tender as all the meats prepared tonight were.

By this stage I was a little over capers as it seemed to be the winter ingredient of choice tonight and the grilled polenta lacked a crisp outer and seasoning. A little further work on this dish and it could be a winter winner!

Zeea's Eatery Interior
Zeea's Eatery is a great place for all ages, groups of friends, families and couples. It's casual and comfortable, has a large range of menu items for everyone at reasonable prices and offers a handy online booking facility. Zeea's even has a kids menu (for 12 and under) with six different options (nothing over $13.90) which includes a soft drink and ice cream for the kids. Their menu also caters for a variety of dietary requirements including gluten free, vegan and vegetarian which makes dining out easy in these circumstances. And lets not forget the wine list, freshly squeezed juices and the good looking milkshakes and smoothies to complete your night out.

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