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Meze-Mazi - 86b Prospect Rd, Prospect SA 5082

I (Nathan) was blown away the first time I visited Meze-Mazi, so much so that I began raving about Meze-Mazi to everyone. Including Instagram and to other OTCB members, which resulted in Amanda's visit. Soon enough, it was time for me to have a revisit. This time, it was a Saturday lunch for a birthday. At lunch there is a slightly smaller menu, but all the key dishes are there. I decided to try a few different meals this time, and with a much larger group (13 including 4 kids), this was a little easier.

Souzoukakia - Cumin spiced beef meatball slowcooked in a tomato based sauce served with rice $15
With so many enticing options on the menu, the choice of starters is tough. The meatballs (Souzoukakia) just missed the cut on my last visit, so I wasn't going to go past them this time. Served on a bed of rice, the slow cooked meatballs are soft and tender, with a good amount of cumin throughout. The surrounding sauce is generously applied and compliments the rice and meatballs. It's a great starter that works well for a large group or a couple to share. 

Other dishes I got to have a taste of, but no pictures - they got gobbled up before I could get to them, included the dips and Haloumi. The Haloumi was warm, salty and chewy, with plenty of lemon to balance it all. The dips were fresh, the flavours vibrant and clean. Got to get some of these next time!

Mousaka - Herbed layers of beef mince, eggplants & potato finished with b├ęchamel sauce $28
One of the main dishes I got a good picture of, and had the opportunity to try a decent amount of was the Moussaka. A classic Greek dish that I rarely choose as it is often no more than mush. Today, I was glad to be surprised. The dish was big and hearty, a great option on a chilly winters day. The vegetables retained great structure and bite, the layers thick and the sauce was generous and flavoursome. It's the kind of food I would anticipate being served at some of my Greek mates birthdays (besides the spit!). 

Mixed Grill - Chargrilled meats served with chips, tzatziki and pita $32
I know I mentioned that I tried a few different meals, I still couldn't go past the mixed grill as my choice from the mains menu. And the delivery was as good as my previous visit. The meats were all cooked to perfection, plenty of char flavours from the grill and spot on seasoning.  When combined with great tzatziki, warm and fresh pita, the dish just all comes together. I raved last visit and am still raving after this visit. It's everything I'd expect from a mixed grill, and everything I'd want in another. It certainly sets the bar for me. 

I've mentioned it before, service is the difference between good and great meals. Meze-Mazi, with Andrew at the helm, makes a great experience. Andrew is always buzzing around the floor, making sure that everything is operating smoothly. We were probably a more challenging table, with many different meals, kids being kids and a blogger trying to take pics of everything. Andrew and the team were great handling it all, giving the kids meals that were half serves, or adding additional pita bread to plates when there was still dip left. 

Andrew makes you feel, for just a few hours, that you're a guest at his place, it's Saturday afternoon and he just wants you to have a good time. We certainly enjoyed, and will continue to recommend it whenever we have a chance. 

Vegetarian/Vegan/GF Friendly: A few salads and some mains could be modified. A fair few GF options on the menu, including dessert. 
Child Friendly: Confirmed that the menu is flexible to suit kids, with half serves easily available upon request. One high chair available, but Andrew was ok with us bringing an extra. 

Ambiance: 4.5/5 - Saturday lunch times are pretty quiet compared to the roar of a Friday or Saturday night. 
Service: 4.5/5 - Andrew went above and beyond, again, to make us feel welcome. 
Food: 9.0/10 - A brilliant meal again. Not much more to say. 

In total OTCB gives Meze-Mazi 18/20 chops on The Chopping Board.

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