Casablabla - Winter Menu Tasting

Casablabla - 12 Leigh Street, Adelaide SA 5000

We love a good tapas spread, the flavours, the bite size pieces, and a chance to try a little bit of everything, what's not to love? So we felt fortunate when Casablabla extended an invitation to try their new winter menu!
Moroccan, Turkish, Balinees and Cambodian inspired decor
Casablabla is the type of place that everyone has visited at least once, and if you haven't, you should. Located on Leigh Street in the city, it's the perfect venue to escape to after work for drinks, great music and delicious food. With a decor influenced by countries like Morocco, Turkey, Bali and Cambodia, there's a sense of mystery to the surroundings, with an exotic touch. On our visit, all food was provided by Casablabla for our tastings.

On our arrival, on a Tuesday night, we could see tables already beginning to fill up with office workers keen to relax and enjoy themselves. The space of the venue is impressive; large, open ground floor room and a second level with a second bar. Dim lights and smooth music help to ease into a relaxing state, and with greetings from head chef Jeffrey we are keen to try out the new menu.

Sesame Seared Tuna with Wasabi Mayonnaise (4 per serve) $14

Our tapas start with sesame seared tuna with wasabi mayonnaise, the tuna is fresh and tender and the sesame crust is the perfect accompaniment, adding a crunch and nutty flavour, while the wasabi mayo gives a nice burst of flavour and kick.

Crispy Soft Shell Crab with Paw Paw & Mango Salad (4 per serve) $15 

Following this, a plate of crispy soft shell crab with paw paw and mango salad, and a plate of sticky pork ribs with lime are put before us. The soft shell crab is crunchy and quite salty, so the addition of the raw paw paw salad with mango is a great pairing as it adds bursts of freshness and helps to cut through the salt.

Sticky Pork Ribs with Lime (Appox 380g) $16

The sticky pork ribs are generously glazed with a delicious sauce, the meat pulls away from the bone tenderly and we enjoy getting our hands dirty with every bite. The ribs are delicious and meaty, and the sticky glaze adds great flavour and taste.

Eggplant & Ricotta Parcels (3 per serve) $12
On polishing off our plates, our next round of tapas are the eggplant and ricotta parcels, the pulled pork and avocado tacos and trio of sliders with pulled pork and pickles. I am a big fan of vegetarian tapas, and love eggplant, however I (Sofia) found these eggplant and ricotta parcels to be somewhat lacking in flavour. The eggplant would have been better if it was cooked for a little longer to make it softer to chew, and an addition of a stronger spice or an oozing cheese would have made for a great flavour combination.

Pulled Pork and Avocado Tacos (3 per serve) $14
The pork and avocado tacos were deliciously put together, the smokey element of the pork paired really well with the avocado and sour cream, two bites and it was gone. I could have gone for seconds. The smokiness of the pork still lingered on the tongue and definitely stood out in the taco. If you are a fan of anything smoked or porky, do not pass up on these.  These were Amanda's favourite as the smoked pork was juicy and moreish thanks to the addition to a secret recipe sauce that was mixed in which had a great spice kick, and combined with fresh coriander, was a winner.

Pulled pork sliders - not currently on the menu

To finish off, the head chef's apprentice brought out some special pulled pork sliders for us to try, and while these are not currently on the new menu, we certainly think it should be, as the brioche bun with pickles, mayo and pulled pork was a delicious little bun of goodness. Again a great pairing with the smoked pulled pork which didn't overpower but complimented the bread and mayo.  Amanda would have loved a little of the same sauce that was used in the pork tacos to be used in the sliders to provide a little more moisture and finger licking goodness.

Our tapas meal was fun and full of flavours and textures. We loved being able to share our meal and pass plates around and tell each other to try this dish or that. Casablabla creates a place that will leave you inspired to dance, try new foods, and get adventurous. Every night, the menu boasts a different meal highlight, from paella to pizza to themed Latin tapas nights, as well as live entertainment and dancing classes! It's an experience of what passion in food and culture creates, so check it out after work or head in on a weeknight, you'll have yourself a culinary adventure!

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