Coopers Ale House, Gepps Cross - City Dining, North of the City

Coopers Alehouse Gepps Cross - 560 Main North Rd, Blair Athol, Adelaide

The Bar
For over a year there was a significant piece of upgrade work being completed on the Gepps Cross Hotel. The iconic corner, mostly known for the time it takes to get through a set of lights, now has a more pleasant reputation - a brand new Coopers Ale House. Looking for a Saturday lunch location, it was the first on our list to call and try and get a space.

Side entrance
Inside, the room is expansive, fresh and modern. There's plenty of long wooden tables, the bar is wide and roomy, and the fireplace in the middle is welcome on a wintry day. There is a mix of seating options, including formal large sit down tables, higher bar style tables and booths to the side.

Modern interior

Combined formal and casual tables
Outside there is a huge seating area, massive screen and many little booths with their own TV's also. Reminiscent of the Walkers Arms outdoor area. I personally noted the Yoder Smoker and got excited. The revamp has totally changed the hotel into something you'd expect to see within the confines of the CBD. About time we had a location like this in the north.


Outdoor Bar

Outdoor seating area

Outdoor booths

Outdoor screen

So, as you can see from above, the refit is awesome, and quite unique for the northern suburbs. But, there is more than just a refit to talk about here - we are a food blog after all. The Ale House has a very modern and contemporary menu, without skipping the essential pub classics. There's pizzas, burgers and the Alehouse favourites where you'll find schnitzels, steaks and fish. There is also a kids menu loaded with a few favourites too, including a picture and pencils to colour in with. We ordered our meals (with the ability to order separately being a real winner) grabbed a beer from a very wide range and sat down.

Beef Rib Sandwich - $19.90

Looking through the menu I couldn't go past the Beef Rib Sandwich - Shredded slow cooked beef short ribs, crunchy ciabatta bread, chorizo, cheddar, rocket, tomato and smokey bbq aioli. Add a little house pickle and chips and you've got a very satisfying lunch. The beef was delicious, so soft, and as the pic shows, there is a heavy hand applied when serving. The rocket and bbq aioli added some spice and sweetness without overpowering the beef. The ciabatta bread did very well to hold it all together. The chorizo I could have gone without, they did tend to overpower the sandwich. The pickle was punchy and sweet all at the same time. The chips were standard pub chips with ample salting.

The menu also has drink matching suggestions of which I followed. The Brooklyn Lager washed the sandwich down great, with the malty, slightly bitter after taste complementing the sweet and salty sandwich.

Ocean Trio - $25.90
There were a few other orders around me that I was able to have a taste of. The Ocean Trio came with battered barramundi, salt & pepper calamari, prawns, chips, garden salad, tartare & lemon. I tried a bit of each component and enjoyed them. The calamari was soft and tender, with ample salt and pepper, and a hint of five spice - delicious.

Kids Fish and Chips - $8.90

From the kids menu, we ordered the fish and chips. One thing that bugs me is when a kids menu item is ordered, and it comes out basically the same size as an adult serve. This didn't happen today, the serving size was perfect for the children at the table. A large piece of nicely battered fish and a small serve of chips. I tried the fish from the dish and it was well cooked with a crispy batter. No wonder it was eaten up before the chips.

Graziers Black Angus Porterhouse - $23.90 w/ Surf & Turf $8.90

Another member of the table ordered the Graziers Black Angus Porterhouse with Surf & Turf. It was ordered medium and was delivered as per request. Comments included that the steak was tender and had a nice char. The garlic prawns were a nice addition, butter and steak are always good friends.

The feedback around the table from everyone was that they had an enjoyable experience. Service throughout was prompt and our meals were quick to arrive. We may have been lucky that we booked early for lunch, as looking around after we ate, the room was jam packed with people. A great sign is when you can look around and see lots of happy faces enjoying their meals.

I saw a few of the schnitzels go past and they looked delicious, so I plan on returning to try one of them. Or I may be tempted by something from the Yoder. I'd also definitely return on a Saturday afternoon in the summer, sit outside and enjoy a few beverages.

Vegetarian/Vegan/GF Friendly: Some choices of gluten free and vegetarian options. No specific mention of Vegan options on the menu.
Child Friendly: Great kids menu with lots of choices. High chairs available and outside, there is a bit of space for the kids to move about.

Ambiance: 4.5/5 - Saturday lunch was popular, with a great buzz.
Service: 4/5 - Prompt and pleasant.
Food: 8/10 - A well priced and delicious lunch - Entertainment Book voucher available also!

In total OTCB gives Coopers Ale House - Gepps Cross - 16.5/20 chops On The Chopping Board.

Coopers Alehouse Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato


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