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Gelista - 22 Forster St, Ridleyton SA 5008

There's gelato, and then there's Gelista gelato, a world apart and right on your door step! Established in 2009, this gelato producer is quickly gaining ground with products now available in most Foodlands, IGA's and Adelaide restaurants. It's easy to see why it's becoming so popular, Gelista creates its own handmade gelato in various flavours and even personalised flavours for some restaurants and cafes. All of their milk and fruit gelato ranges use only the freshest ingredients of quality, with ingredients sourced from local producers. This is definitely an SA brand to get behind, it produces great tasting ice cream, supports local producers and believes in producing only the best for its consumers.

New flavours available to consumers

Our night at Gelista was a great first-hand experience of the passion and dedication of the owner and staff in creating the best of the best. All delicious gelato was provided to us for tasting on the night.

The lovely Crystal making fresh gelato

Having listened to a short introduction of Gelista's humble beginnings, we were eager to see the behind the scenes of the production of gelato. Gelista's one room production space is small and clean, with three ice cream machines dedicated to the process. Each day the machines churn out 100+ litres of ice cream, which is then frozen and packaged away. Everything is made fresh on site daily. On this special night, we were invited to witness the making of one of their favourite and popular flavours, the sour cherry gelato. The process takes all of seven minutes, from mixing the flavours to putting it all into the ice cream maker. What comes out is mouthwatering heaps of creamy ice cream. This then gets collected in a giant tub and syrup or mix-ins are added. In this case, the house made sour cherry syrup was added to the fresh batch and mixed through. Watch the video for the hypnotising mix in.

As fresh as can be

Fresh scoop of sour cherry gelato

Without further wait, we were all served up a generous scoop of this delicious creation, and let me tell you now, there's nothing quite like freshly made ice cream. So sweet, tangy and creamy. It was wonderful. I could have eaten the whole tub! The flavours worked so well together and because the gelato was not quite frozen, it was super thick and creamy.

A scoop here and a scoop there

As if this wasn't enough, we were then treated to Gelista's new range of gelato's, we were given freedom in scooping up our own serves and this foodie got to try a little bit of everything. My favourite flavours were the vanilla bean, the blood orange and dark chocolate (a must try!), the classic chocolate (wonderful chocolate gelato), and the lightly salted caramel macadamia. The other flavours which were nice but not my personal favourites were the ricotta, fig and honey and coconut (dairy free). Each flavour was deliciously creamy and light. We were told that Gelista are the only producers of ice cream that use low fat milk, which means their gelati is low fat! But you wouldn't have guessed that for the creaminess and richness of the gelato, it is a worthy indulgence.

Get them all!

It was a wonderful event, and we strongly recommend you head to your nearest independent grocers or even Gelista's direct factory outlet in Ridleyton to pick up a tub or two of their super delicious gelato. A big thank you to Peter Cox, Jenn and Eventalaide for inviting us and serving up some of the best gelato we've ever had!


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