George's on Waymouth - Winter Menu Launch - Degustation

George's on Waymouth - 20 Waymouth Street, Adelaide SA 5000

Established by George and Voula Kasimatis, George's on Waymouth is a restaurant that has been on Waymouth Street for over a decade, with no signs of slowing down. We were delighted to be invited to the new winter menu launch and to sample new Head Chef, Brent Potuszynski's modern European delights. The event was also attended by representatives from Karrawatta Vineyards who supplied the seven course degustation dinner with accompanying wines from Adelaide Hills and Langhorne Creek.

Fresh Coffin Bay Oysters with Cabernet Sauvignon $21.00
For our degustation we were taken to the second level of the restaurant which has a function room with its own bar. The room comfortably fits 75 seated people, the tables are covered in white tablecloths and tables are well spaced. Myself (Sofia) and Amanda sit by the large glass wall that overlooks the ground floor restaurant and its diners, a very interesting people-watching position, and adds to the charm of the venue. We loved watching the practiced and graceful steps of the serving staff and the plates, upon plates of beautifully plated food coming out of the kitchen.

Raw scallops, fried baby squid, cucumber, salmon roe, avocado & apple $23.50
The first plate to arrive before us was the raw scallops, fried baby squid, cucumber, salmon roe, avocado and apple concoction which was light, crunchy and a mix of salty and smooth. While the components of this dish were fresh and of high quality, the combination of raw and fried was confusing for our palates. The salty fried batter of the squid with the mellow sweet softness of the raw scallops were two polar opposite tastes and we would have preferred the scallops on their own.

This dish was matched with the 2015 Karrawatta Anne's Sauvignon Blanc, Adelaide Hills, which assisted to cut through the fried squid.

Salad of Beetroot, Granola, Kiwifruit & Shaved chicken Liver Parfait $21.50
The second course was a different kind of salad, consisting of beetroot, granola, kiwifruit and shaved chicken liver parfait. The yellow beetroot was tender and the fresh zesty kiwifruit added a nice burst of flavour. The granola was sweet and crunchy while the shaved parfait wasn't overpowering and added a nice hint of mild meaty flavour to the overall dish. The combination of ingredients was like nothing we had ever tasted before and we gave this dish an A+ for exciting our palates!

This course was paired with a 2015 Karrawatta Sophie's Hill Pinot Grigio which was a lovely and refreshing Adelaide Hills wine.

Potato Vichyssoise, Buttered Leeks & Truffle Cream $19.00
Our attention was piqued when beautiful bowls of creamy white potato soup were placed before us. The smell was divine, salty, buttery and rich. The highlight of this dish was the dollop of truffle cream which added a slightly salty taste and decadence to the smooth and otherwise mild flavour of the soup. So thick, creamy and hearty, with a nice crunch from the buttered leek, this was a wonderful winter warming meal. One of our favourites from the night.

Roasted Cauliflower, Shallot Fondant, Harissa Spice & Parmesan Gnocchi $32.50
Next course was the roasted cauliflower served with a shallot fondant, harissa spice and parmesan gnocchi. The aromas of the harissa spice had us not wasting any time diving into this vegetarian course. The cauliflower was roasted to a good char and combined with the spice of the harissa and creaminess of the slightly sweet shallot fondant was a wonderfully balanced dish. The fried parmesan gnocchi had an interesting texture, not the pillowy soft version we are used to but more spongy and chewy with a crisp outer.

This dish was matched with the 2014 Karrawatta Dairy Block Shiraz, Adelaide Hills, which was an easy drinking, medium-bodied Shiraz and worked well with this spice filled dish.

Tortellini of Osso Buco, Green Olive Gremolata, Grana Padano & Crispy Kale $33.00
Our next course of Tortellini filled with Osso Buco and served with a green olive tapenade, grand padano and crispy kale and was definitely another contender for favourite dish of the night. The al dente pasta was filled with super soft and juicy shredded veal packed full of flavour that only a meat of slow cooked methods could replicate. The green olive tapenade was a nice change to a regular pesto and topped with the crispy kale that added textural crunch.

The tortellini was matched with a 2013 Karrawatta Joseph Shiraz from Langhorne Creek exhibiting soft tannins and berry, coffee and dark chocolate tasting notes.

Maple Glazed Beef Brisket, Horseradish Puree, Dill Pickles, Croutons & Radish $36.90
Our final savoury dish for the night was the maple glazed beef brisket with horseradish puree, dill pickles, croutons and radish. Saved the best for last... yes they did! I think we found ourselves a winner for favourite dish of the night. It's hard to beat brisket when it is cooked to this state of perfection. The thick sticky sweet maple glaze enhanced the glorious tender brisket that fell apart with the slightest push of our fork. Combined with the kick of the horseradish puree and my (Amanda's) favourite thing in the world... tangy crunchy pickles, conversation was kept to an all time low while we enjoyed and savoured every bite!

This dish was matched with a 2014 Karrawatta Christo's Paddock Cabernet Sauvignon from Langhorne Creek, which we are informed is a great drinking wine as a young, assertive Cabernet and also the perfect cellar wine to enjoy 20 years down the track.

White Chocolate Mousse, Coconut, Pain d'epice & Salted Caramel $15.50
To complete this epic feast we indulge in a pretty plate of white chocolate mousse with coconut ice cream, pain d'epice and salted caramel. All delicious elements in their own right combined to take this dessert to happy heights! We loved this dessert, especially the balance of the sweet mousse with the salty of the caramel and the crunch and spice of the pain d'epice. The kitchen would have found it hard to determine if my plate went out with a dessert on it, as mine returned with hardly a crumb left!

A five course tasting menu at George's will set you back $89 per person and with matching wines, an additional $60 per person, totalling $149 for a very special night out.

We thoroughly enjoyed ourselves at this winter degusation evening and wouldn't have any concerns returning with friends and family for special occasion events in the future. We are always partial to a good tasting menu and love the opportunity it brings to experience a variety of foods at the hands of a talented chef. A big thank you to the wonderful staff at George's who were very attentive and friendly, the owners and Rebecca O’Rourke of O'Rourke PR for inviting us for a wonderful evening.

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