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Feather's Pizzeria - 1/542-550 Greenhill Rd, Hazelwood Park SA 5066

Like most of Adelaide's inhabitants, we are always on the search for the best pizza, the pizza that you take home and devour with delight. Like us, you may also have a list of the best and the worst pizza places around the city, those you have on speed dial and those you've black listed because they just didn't pass your pizza test. Check out our past reviews of some our favourites including Pizza e Mozzarella Bar, 360 Gradi, and Antica just to name a few. And now there's another number to put on your fridge for those nights when your stomach calls and your fridge is bare. Feather's Pizzeria, in Hazelwood Park, is a pizzeria you must try. We were lucky enough to have been invited for an intimate dinner and pizza tasting at their shop. We had the opportunity to chat with the owner, meet the whole team and we were blown away by their hospitality and passion. All food and beverages were provided by Feather's Pizzeria.

Just some of the amazing food on offer at Feather's Pizzeria

Feather's Pizzeria is conveniently located at the large Greenhill Road roundabout, it sits next to a group of shops and has parking spots right outside. One wouldn't usually think to dine in, but rather take out at a pizza shop, but when we were invited for dinner, we discovered a fun side to eating in at a casual takeaway shop. The pizza shop is small but cosy, with only a few small tables at the front, the friendly staff behind the counter are welcoming and chatty. The owner, Ponti is very friendly and selects a few popular dishes for us to try.

Italian rice balls with a spinach, mushroom & assagio cheese filling topped with nap sauce & shave parmesan (3 for $9), & garlic bread (3 for $4)

Ponti put on an amazing spread for us, to start with we tried their garlic bread made with fresh butter, garlic and herbs, spread on white crusty bread. This is my (Sofia's) favourite garlic bread so far, nice and buttery, just crispy on the edges and a nice taste of garlic without being too overwhelming. The arancini balls we perfectly made, crispy on the outside and soft and cheesy on the inside. The assagio cheese was perfectly melted and added a great flavour to the mildness of the spinach and mushroom mixture. A perfect side snack and we could have eaten more!

Capricciosa with mozzarella, leg ham, salami, mushrooms, & olives

Next came out the Capricciosa with mozzarella, leg ham, salami, mushrooms, and olives, a delicious pizza on a thin crust with plenty of toppings. All the ingredients worked well together, and we could taste the freshness of the dough and the quality of the food. This is a perfect, all-round pizza to satisfy anyone's craving.

Feather's Special with bocconcini, Italian salami, marinated artichoke, olives, & topped with truffle infused oil

Our next pizza, and my (Sofia's) new favourite was the Feather's Special, which contained bocconcini, Italian salami, marinated artichoke, olives, and topped with truffle infused oil. This pizza had everything, cheese, cheese and more cheese, salty goodness from the salami, a fresh vinegar kick from the artichoke and a crispy base to deliver all that to our watering mouths. The highlight of this pizza was the fresh bocconcini, I am a huge fan of fresh cheeses like this, so for me this was cheese gold. I savoured every bite. Amanda also enjoyed this pizza and thought it was a great choice for truffle lovers, as it had a decent splash of truffle oil prominent throughout.

Pollo pasta, with fettuccini, chicken, mushrooms, spring onion & dried apricots mixed in a cream sauce & topped with shaved parmesan ($14)

Last but not least, Ponti brought out a large bowl of his freshly made Pollo pasta, which had fettuccini, chicken, mushrooms, spring onion and dried apricots mixed in a cream sauce and topped with shaved parmesan ($14). If we weren't so full already, we definitely would have polished off this dish, and luckily for us Ponti boxed up anything we couldn't finish. This pasta was delicious, it was fresh, the chicken was moist, the mushrooms were juicy and the little bits of apricot added a lovely sweet bite (Amanda loved the diced apricots addition so much she would have loved an extra tablespoon in the mix). We were both very impressed with the quality of this pasta and its fairly low menu price, as something of this calibre is served mostly in restaurants. We knew immediately that we found a hidden gem in Feather's and their delicious range of pastas.

Delicious pizza

We had a wonderful evening at Feather's Pizzeria, chatting with Ponti who joined us at the tables, his friendly staff who asked us our thoughts on the pizza and told us about their passion for great pizza and food in general. It was great to be surrounded by such an energetic bunch, so enthusiastic about food and always ready to deliver the highest quality of pizza and pasta. We will most definitely return for either a quick, casual dine in, take-away or even utilise the delivery service so we don't have to leave the comforts of our house! A place like this is rare to come by, and we're glad we've found one not too far from our place.

Check out the full Feather's menu here.

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