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Social Street S2 - 174A Hutt Street, Adelaide SA 5000

Thai dining in Adelaide can be a bit hit and miss. You've got classics like Star of Siam, but you've got plenty of misses. So when we were approached by Social Street S2 (S2), we were eager to try their new offering and see if it was a hit. All food and drinks were provided by S2.

Upstairs Interior
Upon arrival we were eagerly welcomed and shown to our table upstairs. There's plenty of space around the tables, whilst being just small enough to feel cosy and quaint. Lots of cool artwork on the walls too. We dined tonight with 2 children, one 3 and another 1, so having a bit of space is certainly a requirement. Once seated, we were shown through the menu designed by their Bangkok Chef. Our approach to the menu tonight was to let the chef do the feeding, while we sat back and enjoyed what they believed to be the highlights. We were then offered a wine to start with and went with a Penna Lane Watervale Riesling. As advised, it was a great match to our entrees, especially the Sea Flowers.

Tom Yum Kung Soup - $12.80
Our entrees all arrived relatively quick, handy when you've got two hungry children. The Tom Yum Soup was delicious. Filled with prawns, squid, mushroom and galangal, it packed a sweet and sour punch. There was a decent amount of chilli too, but not too much that it overpowered the ingredients. The prawns and squid were soft, delicate and cooked very well. The balance of the dish was spot on, the flavours all coming together, making you want to go back for more.

Left: Vegetarian Spring Rolls - $9.80
Right: Sea Flowers - $12.80
Next up were the Spring Rolls and Sea Flowers. As a lover of Thai cuisine, I've had many variations of spring rolls and sea flowers. These spring rolls were jam packed full of fresh and crunchy vegetables with a crunchy outer. They were well complimented with the sweet dipping sauce and a hit around the table. The Sea Flowers come with lots and lots of delicious red curry sauce. A light and delicate sauce, which was slightly sweeter than the sauce you get from Star of Siam. The chicken, prawn and squid filling was generous and delicious, combining well with the sauce. Another hit around the table.

One item that I didn't get a picture of were the Ham and Cheese Housemade Spring Rolls. These were thoroughly enjoyed by both kids, giving them access to something they know well, whilst also including them in the thai experience. It also helped them feel comfortable in trying the rest of the dishes.

Pla Beef Salad - $19.80
Next up were the mains. And what a feast it became! The Pla Beef Salad was our highlight of the night. It was fresh, crunchy, spicy (waoooh spicy) and perfectly balanced. The vibrant flavours of onions, the mint, lime leaf and lemongrass all worked so well together. The beef throughout was shredded very thin, working well with the other textures. A great dish that reminded me of so many salads I've enjoyed on many trips to Thailand.

Beef with Peanut Sauce - $17.80
The Beef with Peanut Sauce was another dish that we chose so that the kids could join in too. The meat was thinly sliced and wok fried, giving a bit of smokiness and a softer texture. The rich, creamy peanut sauce was generously poured over a mix of vegetables and the beef. It was a delicious dish that was enjoyed by all.

Pad Thai - $15.80
Another Thai essential is a big bowl of Pad Thai. S2 have a special house made sauce, that's slightly sweet but packs a bunch of flavour - big punches of tamarind, fish sauce and palm sugar. There's plenty of well cooked and sauced noodles, sprouts, crushed peanuts for texture and a big pile of chilli powder for those that want it.

Chu Chee Prawns - $19.80
Last up we had the Chu Chee Prawns - crumbed king prawns with Chu Chee curry dressing. Delivered a little differently than I've had before, the crumbed prawns are big, crunchy and fresh. Paired with the yummy Chu Chee sauce packed with flavour, it's a great combo. The subtle flavours of the Chu Chee sauce work really well with the delicate King Prawns, and some great crunch from the crumbs. I'd have this dish over and over again!

We weren't able to stick around for dessert - we were all pretty full and we had to get home. As we were finishing up, the last of the upstairs tables were filling up, which was a good sign for a Wednesday night. Throughout the night, it was clear that all these tables were happy and enjoying their meal.

Overall, we had a great night. S2 delivered some fantastic food and met the needs of all of our diners easily. On leaving, a quick chat led to being informed that they deliver through Menulog too. Another option for those that want to try but can't make it to Hutt Street. Not long after visiting, we ordered a delivered meal through Menulog and the meals were great, just like they were on the night we visited.

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