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Stella Restaurant - Henley Square, 2/257 Seaview Road, Henley Beach SA 5022

Following a lovely dinner at Stella Restaurant (review here), On The Chopping Board (OTCB) was invited back to experience the breakfast menu.  All food and beverages were provided on behalf of Stella Restaurant.

Our Breakfast Spread by the Sea!
Stella Restaurant is just as lovely during the day as it was dining at night.  With daylight beaming throughout the restaurant, it was bright and airy and it felt like you could almost touch the sea and the sand from our VIP table by the window.  On this partly cloudy Winter's day, it was a real treat to overlook Henley Square and soak up the atmosphere while eating and drinking our way through the new breakfast menu.

Detox Juice $8.50
We kick started our morning with a couple of freshly made juices. The 'Tropical Juice' ($8.50) made with watermelon, pineapple, apple, passionfruit pulp and mint and a 'Detox Juice' with orange, carrot, lemon, ginger and cayenne pepper.  Perfectly refreshing, sweet and with a hint of that cayenne pepper heating our stomachs we were cleansed and ready to take on the main affair.

Eggs Parmigiana $13.00
There were so many tempting dishes on the menu we had a hard time choosing just two, so with only a little nudge we went all out and ordered three!  The 'Eggs Parmigiana' consisted of two free range eggs cooked in napoletana sauce and served with shaved parmesan, pancetta and two slices of Pugliese ciabatta. This was a great Winter breakfast dish to start with.  The oozing egg yolk from the poached eggs mixed in with the warm tomato sauce was delicious paired with the saltiness of the pancetta and freshness of basil.  The famous Pugliese ciabatta, toasted, is exactly what we needed to scoop up the sauce to leave the bowl clean as a whistle.  The napoletana sauce was full of flavour but I (Amanda) would have liked for it to be cooked for a little bit longer to cook out some of that tart acidity from the tomato.

Swiss Brown Mushrooms Bruschetta $14.00
We love mushrooms and couldn't go past ordering the 'Bruschetta with Swiss brown mushrooms' served with shaved parmesan and spring onions on Pugliese ciabatta.  Again that winning bread, topped with the largest, most impressive Swiss brown mushrooms, cooked wonderfully to retain their texture was a real treat to enjoy.  We would have loved a little sauce to bring this dish together as we found it a little dry with just a drizzle of olive oil. The shaved parmesan worked well with the mushrooms and brought a nice bite to the bruschetta.  After providing this feedback to Stella's they were instantly busy in the kitchen creating a little sauce to add to this dish, which we were most impressed with.

Smashed Avocado $16.50
You can't have breakfast without ordering the ever popular 'Smashed Avocado' which is almost a breakfast menu benchmark these days and this one served on toasted ciabatta with lemon, ricotta, roasted cherry tomatoes and balsamic fig glaze was as pretty as a picture.  The mashed avocado fresh and tart from the lemon and also a little sweet from the addition of the raw red onion finely chopped throughout (not being a raw onion fan I would have prefered this dish without it but that's just my personal preference).  The creamy ricotta and roasted sweet flavours of the tomatoes added more great flavour atop the ciabatta we just cannot get enough of!

French Toasted Brioche $13.50
To finish our breakfast on a sweet high we selected the 'French Toasted Brioche' served with cinnamon, butter and maple syrup.  YUM!  Thick slices of the toasted brioche with that great french toast crust was absolutely divine to spread around the plate soaking up that cinnamon, butter and maple syrup saucey concoction.  Breakfast dessert can't get much better than this!  Or can it....

Pancakes (half serve pictured)
Well the 'Pancakes' served with maple syrup, mixed berries and double cream could be a close contender.  The pancakes at that perfect medium thickness... not too thin and crepe like and not over the top and too thick like some can be, held it's own with the tart, sweet and almost palate cleansing tones of the mixed berries with maple syrup.  That double cream so luxuriously thick topped off this breakfast deliciously.

Flat White (front), Latte with Almond Milk $4.80 (back)
We also enjoyed a coffee with our breakfast and we were pleased to learn that Stella's offer a range of different milk types including almond milk, soy, coconut and lactose free.  They also use my favourite almond milk brand, the Almond Breeze Barista Blend which froths up beautifully and has a lovely subtle nutty flavour.

Our Savoury Breakfast Dishes
Stella Restaurant Exterior
We enjoyed a lovely breakfast by the sea at Stella Restaurant and can only imagine how popular this place will be during the warmer months, especially with the outdoor seating availability.  I think Stella's is just as stunning during winter, especially on this particular cold day with the sun beaming through the window, reflecting on the bright, fresh interior and the flicker of the cosy fireplace.  This ambiance combined with good food and friendly service started our Saturday morning with happy vibes all round!

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