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One of the biggest trends in food of late is in the area of delivered products. We've seen a big growth in delivery, including boxes of great produce to cook, restaurant food delivered to your door and take away services like Menulog. As the market develops, we get more excited about what's next. When we were approached by Beston to try their consumer offering we jumped at the chance. Our cheese basket was provided on behalf of Beston Marketplace.

Beston Marketplace is an online gourmet food marketplace, specialising in local fresh products delivered to your door. Using their very simple to use website, you can order any of their products, and then use the Oziris app to trace every product's origin.

The goodies
We chose a cheese collection, including three cheeses, honey, chocolate coated apricots, smoked salmon and crackers. What sets the basket apart is the unique code that integrates with the Oziris app. This enables you to understand the exact origins of the products and learn more about the producers. A great feature in an age where we crave more and more information every day. The box comes very well packed and padded to protect all the goodies.

All ready for eating! 
Using the contents of the package, along with a few extras from the fridge, we assembled a nice Friday night dinner. Washed down with an O'Leary Walker Adelaide Hills Pinot Noir, we were excited to make our way through each cheese. The Onkaparinga Brie was our favourite, creamy and delicious. Combined with a smudge of sweetness and the crunch of the biscuits, this one went the fastest.  The other two cheese were great too, the Wax Block Cheddar had good bite and the Gouda a lovely smooth, sweet taste. There was ample food, without the extras we added, you'd serve 4-6 adults as a platter to nibble on throughout the afternoon or night. We saved the chocolate apricots til last, munching on these throughout our night, healthy snacks right?

The convenience of the Beston product was great. We found the online service really easy to use and the Oziris app was a great addition. When we were thinking about the best way we could use the service, we think it fits great in a busy, social lifestyle. You've got a bunch of friends coming over, there's five reports due by the end of the week and you haven't got time to head to the markets and get what you need. Onto the Beston Marketplace site you go, make an order and get back to work.… Friday can't come soon enough.


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