Cafe Sia - Sia again soon!

Cafe Sia - 4 Tulloch Road, Evanston

On The Chopping Board (OTCB) was invited for a menu tasting at Cafe Sia.  All food and beverages were provided on behalf of Cafe Sia.

When we were invited to Cafe Sia we were a little excited to say the least, as we had been following the cafe on social media for some time and knew of the multiple restaurant and catering awards they had won.  We had been meaning to go on our own accord but distance kept us from slipping in a quick visit.  Today we grab a coffee for the road and embark on our road trip to Gawler!

Cafe Sia is located within a shopping complex along with Coles, Bunnings and the soon to be open Aldi.  It is easy to spot when entering the car park with its great signage, outdoor seating and floor to ceiling windows. We are greeted by one of the friendly owners, Gaby and settle into our window seat to peruse the good sized menu divided into light start, sharing, land and sea, salads, burgers, pizzas and desserts.  They also have a convenient children's menu with five options, all under $10.

Haloumi & Chorizo $14.90
To start, myself (Amanda) and Sofia select the 'Haloumi and Chorizo' and the 'Falafel' to share as entrees.  The dish uses La Casa del Formaggio haloumi cheese which is thin to medium sliced and pan fried to give a caramelised taste and textural balance with the soft interior.  The local Barossa Chorizo is tender and has a great spice kick which is balanced out with the fresh rocket, cherry tomatoes and olive oil accompaniments. 

Falafels (vegetarian) $14.90
The 'Falafels' are described as Middle Eastern patties, made from a blend of fava beans, chickpeas and a delicate selection of spices, fried and served with hummus dip, toasted pita bread and side salad.  The falafels are made by the owner's mum and wow are these a highlight of the lunch.  A beautiful spice on the outer, fried to a crunchy crust, is delectable, with the contrasting fluffy inner.  Combining this with the smooth and creamy hummus, with just enough lemon tang shining through, and toasted pita bread to scoop everything together, it is so delicious we could eat these all day long! Some of the best falafels we have tasted in Adelaide.

Seafood Platter $28.90
Next for our mains we share the 'Seafood Platter' consisting of garlic prawns, oven baked fish (Hake), house made salt and pepper squid, steamed rice, chips, salad and Sia tartare sauce.  This is a very generous platter for the price but we determine with a little tweaking it could be brought to it's full potential.  The garlic prawns are very good, cooked nice and tender and not over powered by too much garlic.  The rice accompaniment for the prawns only has a small drizzle of the garlic sauce over part of it and needs more to coat it better and bring more moisture and flavour.

The salt and pepper squid is tender but the salt and pepper batter is too thick and overpowers the delicate flavour of the squid.  The white thin fish has similar flavours to the salt and pepper squid and we think we would have enjoyed the fish more if it had a more contrasting flavour to the salt and pepper squid, as it felt like too much of the same flavours on one platter.  We appreciated that this seafood platter wasn't one full of deep fried battered seafood and think they are definitely on the right track.

Sia Gourmet Burger $17.90
The 'Sia Gourmet Burger' is described as a home style beef patty with lettuce, tomato, onion, free range egg, mozzarella cheese, short cut bacon, aioli and tomato sauce served with a side of chips.  As we already had chips on our seafood platter, we decided to swap these for sweet potato fries, which are gluten free.  The fries were fantastic, with lots of great crispness and these were not soft and mushy as many sweet potato fries can sometimes be.

The burger was also a delicious choice, with the home style patty living up to it's name, tasting fresh and juicy with lots of flavour.  The egg fried to a delectable runny centre, so with one squeeze of the burger it oozed out coating the burger ingredients in all it's glory!  A great well rounded burger that we would order again. This is a great dish for a lazy weekend lunch, as it is hearty and very delicious.

Strawberry Mojito $12
Sia also has a cocktail list, so Sofia tried the 'Strawberry Mojito' with fresh strawberries, lime, raw sugar, soda water and rum. The strawberries added a fresh and sweet taste to the mojito while the soda water and rum added a lovely sweetness and gave the cocktail some depth. This is a fun and refreshing drink to enjoy any time of the day and I (Sofia) certainly loved scooping up the rum infused strawberries from the cocktail. Make sure to check out Sia's other cocktails and get a taste of the exciting while you're brunching, lunching or doing your grocery shopping!

Nutella Milkshake $10.90
To finish, we thought we would order a dessert to share but then got tempted by the dessert shakes and had to order one of each also.  On ordering, my famous last words were... "I won't be able to finish it all" but on first sip I knew that was going to be one big fat lie!  My 'Nutella Milkshake' consisted of a nutella chocolate milkshake topped with a waffle cone filled with vanilla gelato, marshmallows and raspberries and garnished with Oreo's, crushed nuts and chocolate fudge sauce.  Oh my, how I've admired these types of shakes from afar for so long thinking they would be too sickly sweet, well this one is sweet but totally amazing!  Great chocolate hazelnut flavours apparent in the milkshake, the ice cream waffle cone on top added a great crunch and balanced out a tiny bit of the sweetness along with the crushed  nuts. The chewiness from the raspberry lollies was another welcomed textural contrast and before I knew it, it was all gone :(

Banana Pie Caramel  Milkshake
Sofia decided to try the 'Sia Shake of the month' which was a caramel milkshake blended with mars bar, banana flavouring and topped with banana lollies, a Cadbury caramel stick, and a banana caramel pie. This shake was fantastic to look at, and tasted just as sweet, delicious and indulgent! I (Sofia) felt like a little kid again with all these different chocolates and lollies staring back at me. Where do I begin on this thing? To get to the actual shake I take apart this sweet construction, taking a nibble here and a bite there of the whipped cream, caramel pie and milk chocolate bar, all in anticipation to try the frothy goodness in the jar. On first taste you can definitely detect sweet caramel, vanilla and banana. I use my spoon to get the thick smear of nutella on the rim of the jar and eat it with delight. At last, a chocolate coating I can eat that isn't solid! This shake is a total indulgence and a great splurge for the weekend, I would go back again just to try the other flavours.

Sticky Date Pudding $9.90
Somehow after the shakes we also were able to share the 'Sticky Date Pudding' which was house made and covered in a Sia made butterscotch sauce topped with a strawberry and whipped cream on the side.  Sticky date puddings are one of my favourite desserts and one I often gravitate to ordering.  All are not as good as you hope but today's pudding is divine.  Soft and moist and covered in a good amount of sticky, sweet butterscotch sauce, there was not much more I could have asked from this pudding... apart from could you please not go to my hips?! Despite our fullness and onset of sugar rush from the milkshakes, we somehow managed to polish this dessert off, and my oh my, every spoonful was worth it! If for nothing else, visit Sia's for a coffee and a serving of this pudding, you will experience dessert heaven.

Cafe Sia Interior
We had a wonderful long lazy 3 course lunch at Cafe Sia's and am full of envy for those who live in the area and can visit regularly.  The service and the food is of a great standard for cafe style food and worth the trip down from Adelaide, or next time you happen to be passing through Gawler.  We will definitely be back for more of those falafels and maybe another sneaky milkshake treat! Thanks to Cafe Sia for having us and we hope to "Sia" soon!

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  1. We happen to meet a great people there and started to chat with them and drink w/them too. I had a great time here, glad we found this place by accident. Will definitely come to these venues again as anyone will make this a regular spot easily.


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