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Mrs Q Asian Kitchen & Bar - 1/128 Gouger Street, Adelaide SA 5000

A recently renovated Loft Wine Bar now presents itself as Mrs Q Kitchen & Bar, a modern Asian eatery, which has chef Nu Suandokmai creating new menu items and always reinventing dishes to challenge tastes, flavours and textures. On The Chopping Board were invited to a food blogger night tasting the latest creations of chef Nu and to check out the revamped venue. All food and beverages were provided by the restaurant.

Table Setting
Mrs Q Interior
Mrs Q is located on the second floor of a large building, a wide staircase takes you to an open landing with pictures of various scenes depicting different Asian cultures. On entering the restaurant the first thing we notice is how large and spacious it is, there is ample room for moving around and tables are placed at comfortable distances from each other, although the noise does tend to get quite loud in the space, the table set up allows for close conversation.

Vegetarian Dumplings
To begin the evening, we are first treated to sharing plates of vegetarian dumplings, veal and pork in betel leaf, coffee duck and sweet corn chicken balls. The dumplings had a nice filling with discernible vegetable pieces, however we did find the dough somewhat mushy and the overall dumpling lacking in flavour, some spice in the mix or seasoning would have made the dumplings more flavourful. The dipping sauce accompaniment did help to bring a little kick of flavour to the dumpling.

Veal & Pork in Betel Leaf
The veal and pork roll in betel leaf were one of our favourite starters - delicious little bites of meat which were very flavourful and juicy. The betel leaf wrapped around the meat, provided a welcomed textural element.

Coffee Duck
The coffee duck was an interesting dish which had small pieces of duck wrapped in a thick soft exterior and fried. Texturally this was my (Sofia's) least favourite as there was not enough duck meat and too much of the unidentifiable thick batter.  We also couldn't taste any predominant coffee flavours.

Sweet Corn Chicken Balls
The last of the entrees and second favourite, the sweet corn chicken balls, were little bites packed with delicious chicken flavour (think chicken meatballs) with corn kernels, fried to a golden crisp. These were finger licking good!

Banana Heart Pork Curry
For mains we had sharing plates of banana heart pork curry, crispy barramundi fillet in sambal, BBQ chicken and papaya salad, with a side of steamed rice. The pork curry had a delicious creamy sauce (similar to choo chee curry flavours), which had a lovely chilli bite at the end, not overly spicy but just enough to feel it on the tongue. The pork was thinly sliced, very tender, soft and went down really well with the steamed rice which helped to absorb the flavourful sauce.

BBQ Chicken
The BBQ chicken had a nice charcoal flavour and each piece was tender and juicy and had a dripping of a caramelised sweet chilli sauce over it which added a wonderful kick in flavour.

Crispy Barramundi
The bite sized pieces of crispy barramundi were crunchy and salty to the taste. These were well seasoned and had a great crunch. We did think these pieces may have tasted even better if the fish pieces were sliced a little thicker to provide more contrast in texture with a soft fish flesh interior and crispy outer.

Papaya Salad
The papaya salad was a great fresh addition which was crunchy, sweet and had a lovely tang. This salad helped to cut through the richness of the curry and the saltiness of the fish and added a great texture to the overall meal.

Sticky Rice with Mango
For dessert we share a pretty plate of fresh mango slices, sweet sticky rice and coconut ice cream. This is a refreshing dessert with bursts of sweetness and had it not been for the fact that we've been eating rice all evening and that the rice wasn't as sticky as we were wanting, we would have polished it off. The fresh sweet mango and creamy coconut ice cream was a lovely way to end the evening.

Wall Painting Interior

Interior Space
We enjoyed the meal prepared by chef Nu, and liked the shared, tapas style dinner, the setting and decor of the restaurant creating a unique atmosphere and funky vibe. Thank you to Be Young PR for organising the event and inviting us for a lovely sit down dinner with fellow bloggers. We hope to see Mrs Q become the next big thing on Gouger Street, and we will be back to try the ever changing menu to see what chef Nu has come up with next time.

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