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Public CBD - 12 Franklin Street, Adelaide SA 5000

On The Chopping Board (OTCB) was invited to Public CBD to try the new lunch menu. All food and beverages were provided on behalf of Public CBD.  As Public is only a few short steps from our workplace we find we are regular visitors, see our previous reviews, Public Wine Down and Saturday Brunch.

Today we were invited to try the new menu created by new Head Chef Bradley Pearce.  Brad is joined by his wife Cheryse Pearce, who is the new Pastry Chef and we all know that Public is known for their house made pastries.  We were keen to try the menu as Brad previously worked under George Calombaris (Masterchef fame and of his many successful restaurants in Melbourne that we have had the pleasure of visiting) and his aim is to deliver simple but flavour filled dishes, here at Public.  Perusing the menu we notice a Greek influence in the methods and ingredient choices in some of the dishes.

Blue cheese Croquettes (3pce) $12

We selected two entrees to share, the 'Fried Haloumi' with marmalade, sultana and dark chocolate port sauce and the 'Blue Cheese Croquettes' with honey mustard vinaigrette.  Our favourite being the blue cheese croquettes because who doesn't love crumbed and fried cheese right?!  Soft and creamy inside, crisp and crunchy on the outside, with that signature blue cheese flavour and powerful aroma, matched effortlessly with the acidity and freshness of the honey mustard vinaigrette and mixed salad greens.

Fried Halloumi $18
If haloumi is on a menu, then you would be safe to put money on the fact that we will order it.  Cafe Sia served us a winning haloumi dish recently, as has Bricks and Stones and the Nourish'd Kitchen.  Public's haloumi dish piqued our interest due to the interesting combination of ingredients the haloumi was served with. Unfortunately for us the haloumi was lost in the mulititude of sweet ingredients plated.  We love the idea of pairing the salty haloumi with something sweet to produce a happy balance but in this case, the sweet marmalade and sweet sultanas and more sweet chocolate sauce, made us felt like we were having dessert before lunch!  Maybe with more acidity in the marmalade or extra bitterness in the chocolate sauce the dish may have worked but after overdosing in sweetness all we wanted to do was devour the hero haloumi with just a simple squeeze of fresh lemon.

House Made Linguine $34
For main course we decided to share the 'House Made Linguine' with confit octopus, vongole, crab and chilli.  We love house made pasta, this one slightly overcooked but forgiven thanks to the plentiful flavour infused in the octopus, vongole, crab, chilli and fresh herbs.  The confit octopus is a winning technique to plate tender and juicy pieces of octopus.  The vongole benefited from the flavourful stock they were cooked in and the crab doing it's delicate sweet thing was generous in serving. The fresh sprigs of dill and chopped parsley throughout brought the freshness and extra taste the dish needed.  A great way to lighten up a pasta dish and bring that Spring vibe.

Ballantine of chicken cooked in hay $28
The other main course dish we shared was the 'Ballantine of Chicken' cooked in hay with sweet corn puree, charred leek, cauliflower and chicken jus.  The method of cooking the chicken in hay intrigued our palates and when this dish arrived it's far from a rustic dish from the farm and rather a stunning visual work of art that we couldn't wait to try.  The chicken thickly sliced in four portions was easy to share.  The crisp skin with a few stray pieces of hay, a subtle reminder of how the chicken is cooked, is thoroughly enjoyed thanks to the juicy meat inside.  Mopped up with the sweet corn puree and well seasoned chicken jus, this was a very tasty dish, with a very subtle earthy presence.  The pretty purple coloured cauliflower and leek finished off on the grill added further excitement to the dish.  Our favourite of the day.

We enjoyed our lunch today, a far cry from our usual quick mid-week cheap takeaway lunches, this type of lunching is best suited to ladies who lunch, business executives or those wanting something a little more refined.  We missed out on trying some of Cheryse's house made pastries today but hopefully next time we pop our head in we can get our pastry taste testing on and see how it compares to our favourite pastries at Abbots and Kinney!

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