Champions of the 2017 Australian Grand Dairy Awards

Champions of the 2017 Australian Grand Dairy Awards Crowned

On the 9th of February, the Champions of the 2017 Australian Grand Dairy Awards (AGDA) were officially crowned. To be titled as an Australian Grand Dairy Award Champion is the highest accolade for a dairy producer in Australia, with the AGDA being Australia’s most prestigious national dairy awards.

After a rigorous and intense two-day judging process with 470 dairy products tried and tested by a panel of 24 expert judges, On The Chopping Board (OTCB) were lucky enough to sample four AGDA 2017 champion products from four of the 20 categories in this years line up.

Our basket of champion products!
The beautiful basket we received contained King Island Dairy Black Label Double Brie from the White Mould Cheese category, Fowlers Cheese Bay of Fires Cheddar from the Cheddar Style Cheese category, Paradise Beach Purveyors Pesto Swirl from the Dairy Dip category, and Dooley’s Premium Chocolate Ice Cream from the Ice Cream category. And let’s just say, these are some seriously good products. 

Nestled between Victoria and Tasmania’s North West Coast, King Island is home to one of Australia’s most renowned cheese producers, King Island Dairy. The Black Label Double Brie is a traditional Brie style cheese made in 1kg wheels to ensure an earthy and rich flavour can develop. This decadent and buttery cheese has deep mushroom undertones enveloped in a perfectly textured rind and is just screaming out to be enjoyed with a glass of creamy, subtly oaked Chardonnay.

Ian Fowler is a 13th generation cheese maker who has carried on his family tradition by establishing Bay of Fires Cheesemakers on the East Coast of Tasmania in 2009. Matured for 12 months on pine boards, the Bay of Fires Cheddar is beautifully balanced with full-bodied flavour, a slight nuttiness and earthiness from the rind, and a subtle sweetness throughout. The farmhouse style cheese has just the right amount of crumble and is bound to leave any cheddar lover wanting more!

Without a doubt, Paradise Beach Purveyor’s Pesto Swirl from the Dairy Dip category is one of the most flavoursome dips on the market. This vibrant and colourful dip is packed full of flavour from both the classic basil and chargrilled red pepper pesto, atop the sour cream base. Well balanced with a fresh flavour of lemon to cut through the creaminess, this dip would be perfect on toasted sourdough bread, served as part of a cheese plate, or even tossed through pasta for an easy meal.

Last but definitely not least in our basket is Dooley’s Premium Chocolate Ice Cream from Apollo Bay in Victoria. This is the sort of ice cream that will make you want to turn your empty ice cream bowl upside down and lick it clean, hoping that no one will walk in the room and catch you in action. This simply indulgent ice cream is oh-so chocolaty, seriously smooth and not too sweet; making it easy to convince yourself that you could manage just one scoop more.

Pesto Swirl (front), Cheddar (back left), Black Label Double Brie (back right)
Overall, the four champion products that we were lucky enough to try impressed on many levels, and reminded us how lucky we are in Australia to have access to such awesome local Australian dairy products.

Next time you’re out looking for some cheese, dips or ice cream that are guaranteed to blow you away, keep a look out for the blue and gold medal on packs to know you’re buying the best of the best product Australia has to offer!

Visit the Legendairy website for further information and the full list of champions.


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