Max Brenner - Chocolate Dessert Tasting

Max Brenner - 277 Rundle Street, Adelaide SA 5000

Nothing makes us happier than indulging in a big fat chocolate dessert banquet! Who needs savoury foods when you can eat chocolate in a variety of different forms for lunch, and that is exactly what we did one recent lunchtime when On The Chopping Board (OTCB) were invited to the new Max Brenner store on Rundle Street. All food and beverages were provided on behalf of Max Brenner.

The Chocolate Feast Begins!
The new store, open 7 days a week, houses a chocolate gift shop at the front of the store, a long bar with stools hosting lots of sweet treats to salivate over and a roomy dining space. We were first presented with 4 little dishes of pure Max Brenner chocolate buds to taste. The white, milk, dark chocolate and waffle balls were all delicious, all with the right amount of sweetness and creaminess. With this as an introduction, we knew we were going to enjoy the quality of the chocolate in our dessert dishes.

80's Milkshake $8.80
The 80's milkshake consisted of a chocolate milkshake topped with vanilla ice cream and a crunchy chocolate shell. Overall, this was a good side to the other menu items we ordered. The crunchy chocolate shell was a fun little element, adding a bit more texture to the milkshake. Like all the other chocolate items, it was full of chocolatey goodness, and the vanilla ice cream was a nice element to take away from the sweetness of the milkshake and give that little bit more creaminess. A definite must have as a refreshing side.

Chocolate Pizza with a Crunch $18.00
There are a lot of places that now serve nutella pizzas, almost becoming a staple dessert item on menus in Australia, many of which we have tried and loved (see our Lady Burra Brewhouse review for one). The chocolate pizza here at Max Brenner's takes dessert pizza to another level. This pizza reminded us of a s'more and was so good that we determined it was a favourite dish of the day. There was pure melted chocolate all over the base, the caramelised pecans were decadently crunchy and the cornflakes also added good crunch and a slightly savoury element - a great addition. The marshmallows were all gooey and stretchy, giving the same feeling as mozzarella cheese. The base was thin with a nice crunch, and held up well with all the toppings. Well worth returning for, and definitely a dessert that could be shared between 3-4 people with a side of a milkshake!

Addictive Praline Cigar $10.00
The praline cigar was impressive on the plate, it reminded us a little bit of a freshly piped cannoli. Inside, the whipped chocolate cream was very very chocolatey, a little too heavy for us. The texture reminded us of thick cake icing, whilst the milk chocolate shell and nutty crumbs added some texture. Overall, we were a little overwhelmed by the sweetness and felt that this could be a dish you share with someone over a coffee.

Spectacular Choc-Fudge Brownie Sundae $14.50

After we poured the melted chocolate on top!
The brownie sundae had a very homely feel to it - served in an old school round dessert bowl, it felt like something you would be served at Grandma's house. The choc-nut fudge brownies were thick, slightly chewy with a good crunchy base. The chocolate ice cream was creamy and chocolatey, and when you combined the crunchy waffle balls, caramelised pecans and pure melted chocolate, it was definitely a mouthful of deliciousness. We would probably order vanilla ice cream next time to break up the chocolate indulgence but if you are a chocolate lover then stick with chocolate on chocolate!  It was a huge serve, so you could easily share this between 2-3 people if you have a milkshake or coffee on the side.

Max Brenner is just the place for chocoholics to gather and lose themselves in a chocolatey dessert frenzy. With a menu so comprehensive, you will want to bring a few friends along to help share a few different dishes and the calories!


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