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On The Chopping Board (OTCB) were recently provided a selection of salads to taste from Ultimate Salads. All salads were provided on behalf of Ultimate Salads.

Ultimate Salads
Working in the Adelaide CBD provides us with a number of lunch time options, at times, some super tempting to the diet! So when we are offered a number of salads to taste, delivered to our doorstep, we were very excited to try something new in our lunch routine.

Beetroot & Walnut Salad
Beetroot and Walnut Salad - this salad had a great mix of flavours and textures. We loved the earthiness of the beetroot, crunch and caramelisation of the walnuts, cooling cucumber, peppery rocket and creamy feta. The Italian dressing added just enough acidity to bring it all together. 

Chicken Schnitzel Salad
Chicken Schnitzel - definitely a salad we'd go back for. The schnitzel had a nice thin crumb with a bit of crunch and tasty seasoning. The tomato, lettuce and cucumber were a great compliment to the schnitzel without overpowering it. The balsamic was great on the salad and the mayonnaise is a good match with the schnitzel. We actually used the mayonnaise for dipping the chicken pieces into a little. We found the salad to be quite lettuce heavy and would have preferred a few more cucumbers, tomatoes and capsicums to help balance the elements a little more evenly. We would have also liked the giant cherry tomatoes to be cut in halves to alleviate the chance of spraying someone nearby when trying to chew them whole!

Italian Pasta
Italian Pasta - pasta salads can be a little hit and miss, as we find they can be dry at times. This salad wasn't at all like that and wasn't over powered by the olive oil dressing. There was a hint of the semi-dried tomato oil there too we suspect. The semi-dried tomatoes added a little sweetness, the capsicum and spring onion a little crunch and the olives a little savoury and saltiness. Overall, a salad we enjoyed for its balance and textures.

Quinoa & Brown Rice Salad
Quinoa and Brown Rice - this Asian inspired salad had a great flavour. The quinoa and brown rice formed a solid base, and along with the crunchy carrots, wombok and cabbage, it felt like the most filling of all the salads. The Asian inspired dressing (consisting of sesame oil, sugar, soya sauce and vinegar) and fresh coriander combined to give the salad acidity and herbaceous flavours. Overall, a salad we'd return for if we wanted something that filled a very empty stomach.  We did have a little giggle over the accidental inclusion of Danish feta in this salad, as delicious as Danish feta is, it is probably not something we would recommend suggesting as an addition in this particular Asian inspired salad!

Ultimate Salad
Ultimate - similar to the previous salad, the ultimate gave us a heavier base with the brown rice. A lot more savoury than the others, the delicious well spiced sweet potato and almonds gave it an almost Winter salad feel. The creaminess of the Danish feta really helped bring all the other elements together. The balsamic dressing really contrasted the richer, creamy flavours throughout and was a critical element in ensuring the salad was well balanced.

Overall, we really enjoyed the great flavours packed into these Ultimate Salads and the freshness of the ingredients used. Ultimate Salads is a South Australian family business providing a large selection of salads and soups to a variety of retailers around Adelaide.  For a list of these retailers, where you can get your hands on one of these tasty salads, visit their about page on Facebook. They also offer catering and accept orders directly for 10 salads or over.


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