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Beyond India - 170 0’Connell Street, North Adelaide SA 5006

Table setting
Beyond India is one of our favourite delivered meals, we'll quite often get it using one of the apps, so we can sneakily order dinner whilst putting one of the kids to bed. In the past, we've also dined in a few times with large and small groups and have always had a good time. So, when we received an invite to come into the restaurant and try some of their dishes, we were pretty sure we couldn't say no. And, we thought we'd take the kids this time! Sitting in for a late lunch on a Saturday, meant the place was pretty quiet. Which is ok, then the kids can move around a bit without disturbing the other diners. It's quite formal for an Indian restaurant, the tables are set nicely and the furniture is ornate.

Maharajah's - $7.50
Nibbling on some pappadums (and a Maharajah) whilst having a look at the menu, we are pointed towards a few of the specials and chef's specialities. We decide that we'll have a Vegetarian Tasting Plate, a Butter Chicken Naan Pizza (perfect for sharing), a Chicken Tikka Masala (our standard comparison plate) and a Lamb Biryani (because they're best when fresh). Having one child with an egg allergy, it can be a bit of a challenge when we're ordering food out. We were happy when the waiter was able to assist us easily and quickly.

Vegetarian Tasting Plate - $9.50
We chose the tasting plate as we thought that this would give us all an exposure to some of the tasty entrees that Beyond India has to offer. It is one piece each of Varanasi Samosa, Vegetable Pakora and Onion Bhajia, served with mint and tamarind chutney. Each of the entrees is enough to give us a taste, without filling us all up too much for the meal. The Samosa was the favourite, filled with slightly spicy potato and encased in thick, crunchy dough, it's very moreish.

Butter Chicken Naan Pizza - $12.90
Onto the mains, and we start with the Butter Chicken Naan Pizza because it looked amazing. It's a large naan bread, topped with butter chicken, some cheese and then put in the oven. Seriously, it was good enough to get another. The kids really enjoyed that it was something they could eat with their hands, and the butter chicken was really mild. The adults enjoyed it for the combination of the fluffy bread, stretchy cheese and creamy butter chicken, all in one mouthful.

Front: Chicken Tikka Masala - $18.90
Rear: Basmati Rice - $3.00
The Chicken Tikka Masala is one of those dishes we always get, and we base our love of an Indian Restaurant on this dish usually. The Beyond India version is a little different than most versions we've had. The homemade natural yoghurt sauce gives the sauce a fresher, cleaner taste than others. Combine this with more chunky pieces of vegetable and good quality chicken and it's one of my favourites. Like the restaurant decor, its got a little more of a formal feel to it.

Large Lamb Biryani - $17.90
The third dish was the Lamb Biryani. I was the most excited about this dish. I had been hanging out for a good biryani since travelling through the Middle East a few years back and enjoying probably one too many! Opening up the naan topping, everyone at the table was excited to see what was inside. Filled with lots of tender lamb, the rice is an incredible complex set of flavours - cinnamon, cardamon, cloves and cumin all very prominent on the palate. The dish was probably more of a flavour challenge for the kids though. I definitely had a moment at the table, where I was taken back to Abu Dhabi, picking a piece of naan bread, grabbing some rice and dipping it in the raita. All the flavours and the textures were right up there with the ones I had straight from very popular biryani houses in the Middle East.

Top: Cheese Naan - $3.50
Bottom: Garlic Naan - $4.50
It wouldn't be an Indian meal without a side or two of naan bread. The garlic naan is fluffy, with a really good chew. The cheese naan is a little more dense, but full of smooth, melted cheese, another deliciously moreish dish.

Overall, we had a great experience at Beyond India. Everyone was very accommodating of our requests, and the food was delicious. The kids also enjoyed being able to watch the chefs make the naan bread from the windows that allow a little visibility into the kitchen. If it's for a takeaway after a busy day, or a nice setting for a tasty few curries, Beyond India always meets our expectations.

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