Lord of the Fries - All Hail the Vegan King

Lord of the Fries – 23 Hindley Street, Adelaide SA 5000

Hindley St Entrance
Having been a frequent connoisseur of all things Lord of the Fries (LOTF) across the multiple locations in Melbourne and Sydney, it was only appropriate that I (Sid) would partake in the glorious tasting of all things LOTF in Adelaide. An institution for Vegans and Vegetarians alike in Melbourne for years now, LOTF is an ethical fast food restaurant serving up most things you would expect out of a fast food burger joint - think burgers, hotdogs, chips, nuggets, milkshakes, etc… with the kicker that everything is 100% vegan!

Left: Regular Classic Fries
Right: Regular Shoestring Fries
Below: Parisian, Vietnamese and Indian sauces 
On this occasion, we were invited to a menu tasting of the new “New York Subway train” themed restaurant in Adelaide to enjoy a selection of treats from the menu. With a name like Lord of the Fries you would expect a fried potato of some sort, and indeed we were greeted by a large selection of fries: Shoestring Fries, Classic Fries (a chunky country style cut) and the delicious sweet potato fries (not pictured)!

Every chip we tasted was perfectly cooked and surprisingly not oily or heavy - maintaining their crispness throughout the tasting! These fries were served with a selection of sauces (of which there are many), with a sample of the Parisian, the Vietnamese and the Indian. All different in their own ways, the Parisian a tasty garlic aioli, the Vietnamese a spicy chilli mayo and the Indian, a combination of a spicy mango chutney and sour cream. Each absolutely delicious in their own right, but my favourite definitely the Parisian.

Onion Rings, more fries and soy nuggets
Once the fries were done with, we moved onto more fried goodness which involved Onion Rings and Soy Nuggets. Definitely the stand out for the night, the onion rings and nuggets were perfectly cooked - and literally devoid of any oil across the basket and paper that they were served on. It truly was surprising to see something so heavily fried not contain any remnants of the oil it was cooked in… and super super crispy. For lovers of all things deep fried, these were perfect.

Left: Tibet Burger
Right: Tijuana Burger
The hits kept on coming with a sampling of the Tibet Burger, a faux fish burger and the Tijuana Burger, a spicy Mexican style burger. I’m not usually a fan of fish burgers in general, but this faux fish burger was delicious - not too fishy and extremely tasty. The spicy burger was a completely different flavour combo altogether, but worked perfectly with the spicy salsa and pickles. The buns were soft and added to the experience, with each burger produced super soft and easily inhalable. Honestly, they were delicious.

Vegan Milk Chocolate - WOW!
Lastly, as we ended the night, we were offered the most amazing vegan chocolate that I have had in a long time. Vegan chocolate out in stores is generally sold as dark chocolate as it’s more difficult to make a proper vegan milk chocolate. This, however, is THE best vegan milk chocolate we have ever eaten, tasting like chocolate and hazelnuts all in one - extremely good and well worth a try for vegans out there. Definitely better than the milk based alternative.

Overall, we enjoyed our evening at LOTF feasting on fries, burgers and other delicious things. This is easily the best LOTF store in Australia (sorry Melbournites...), with more to follow in Perth. Regardless of the fact that you’re not eating meat, it is a great burger place to enjoy food that is not greasy and sickly like some can be. A highly recommended experience to people vegetarians or non-vegetarians alike!

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