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Madame Hanoi - Adelaide Casino, North Terrace, Adelaide SA 5000

We at On The Chopping Board (OTCB) have dined at Madame Hanoi (part of the Adelaide Casino) a few times now (Frenchnamese, Hendrick's High Tea and Your Next Date Night) and were excited to return to try the new 'Takeaway Lunch' menu. We also slipped in a couple of dishes from their eat in 'Quickie Lunch' menu to try. All food and beverages were provided on behalf of Madame Hanoi.

Our Quickie Lunch
Working in the Adelaide CBD means we are able to lunch at many delicious places in our lunch break but we don't always have a lot of time on our hands to sit in and wait around for our lunch to be served. Sometimes we need to get something on the run and eat at our desk while working the day away. So both the new takeaway and quickie lunch menus at Madame Hanoi were of particular interest for us. Crossing our fingers the dishes were good so Madame Hanoi could be another quick but delicious lunch option to our foodie schedule, we dove into the good looking selection of dishes that were presented to us.

Banh Bao Heo Quay (Crispy Roast Pork Bun) $16.90
First up the 'Banh Bao Heo Quay' from the quickie lunch menu is 3 baos filled with crispy pork belly, green papaya, pickled cucumber, carrot, daikon, chilli and roasted peanuts. Stop everything! Is there a better bao in Adelaide? If so, please tell us where and we won't hurt you... but we also might challenge you because these baos were amazing! The soft cloud like buns were a very decent size, which held up the flavourful generous fillings without falling apart. The crispy pork belly was exactly that, with a super crunchy skin and lovely moist meat. The richness of the meat was balanced well with the acidity from the pickled cucumber, carrot and daikon. Throw in a kick of heat from the chilli and nutty taste and texture from the peanuts and we had ourselves one mighty exciting bao. We will be back for more of these for sure.

Madame Hanoi Croque Monsieur $10.90
Next up to try was the French dish 'Madame Hanoi Croque Monsieur' from the takeaway menu. This was a toasted sourdough sandwich filled with glazed smoked ham, emmental cheese and topped with a bechamel sauce. We have had a couple of varieties of croque monsieurs previously in Adelaide (Juniper and Remy and Violette) but this one was different again. A lot more creamier than the one we had at Juniper (which was cheesier) thanks to the topping of bechamel, slathered liberally with a partly grilled finish. A thick slice of ham brought a nice smokey flavour. This is one luxurious toasted sandwich that would be sure to cure all your melted cheese cravings and perfect for a seedy hangover day. We will be back for a takeaway of this dish.

Bun Thit Nuong Kangaroo (Rice noodles with Kangaroo) $18.90
The 'Bun Thit Nuong Kangaroo' noodle salad from the quickie lunch menu consisted of seared kangaroo, smoked nuoc nam (fish sauce), rice noodles, crispy shallots and Asian herbs. The inclusion of an Aussie meat in this Vietnamese salad intrigued us remarkably, so much so, that we could not pass up trying this dish. The light sear of the kangaroo sliced delicately was well rested and served rare to medium, just as we like it, ensuring a tender, juicy meat. Mixed together with a bowl of well executed ingredients such as the pickled cucumber and carrot, crunchy peanuts and lots of fresh basil and mint produced one tasty fresh salad. The rice noodles provided a great sustenance to the salad and topped with smoked nuoc nam (served separately so you can choose how much or little you would like on your salad) brought all the individual ingredients together and finished it off with bursts of sweet, sour and a touch of spice on the palate. Another dish we would easily order again, as it made a nice change from grilled pork, chicken, meatballs or spring rolls typically served with this noodle salad.

Xa Lach Nicoise $15.30
Having had a few Nicoise salads through Nice whilst in France, we were interested in this interpretation and the Vietnamese spin on a lunch classic. The mackerel was the dominant flavour, so you'll need to be a fan of the strong taste and oily texture if you order this. We loved the perfectly poached eggs, plump olives and smokiness from the fish sauce, with the bursts of flavour from the cherry tomatoes bringing it closer to that true Nicoise salad experience. Definitely one for the lovers of fish.

Banh Mi Thit $8.00
The last dish was the 'Banh Mi Thit' with crispy pork belly, pickled carrot, pickled cucumber, pate, coriander and hoisin sauce. We love a good banh mi, so much so, we have undertaken a couple of round ups in the past (Suburban and CBD). We had a few criteria we based our assessment on including freshness and crunch of the bread, freshness and flavour of the filling and overall combined taste. Madame Hanoi's banh mi definitely held it's own against our list of criteria. The bread roll had a lovely crunchy crust and soft, fluffy inner, the pork had the crunchy skin but tender, moist meat, the chilli was punchy, the pate and hoisin sauce were generously spread and had the moreish flavour we were after. The addition of peanuts split the table, with some enjoying the crunchy nutty flavour while others said it overpowered the other ingredients. Overall, a good banh mi with the use of good quality ingredients, a must have option if you're craving banh mi on that side of town.

Epice & Pokka Cleansers $10 each
Keeping our lunch alcohol free today, we decided to try Madame Hanoi's two 'Cleansers' - the Epice and Pokka. The 'Epice' with ginger shrub, fresh ginger, citrus, spice and lemonade was delicious!  Refreshing and cleansing on the palate in-between bites of the flavoursome food. This is a great drink if you are a fan of all things ginger. The Pokka was fruitier than the Epice, with the fresh lime giving it a little zest, complementing the Vietnamese flavours throughout the dishes.

We had a very flavoursome lunch at Madame Hanoi, which made us all think how we couldn't wait to return again very soon. If you are time poor at lunch, then grab yourself something from the takeaway menu or if you have a little more time then do not hesitate to step into Madame Hanoi and try these delicious dishes for yourself one lunch time soon.

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