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Chicco Palms - 437 Henley Beach Road, Brooklyn Park SA 5032

2017 saw the opening of Chicco Palms, a new pasta, pizza and aperitivo bar in the Western suburbs.  Personally, we find a good restaurant hard to come by in these suburban parts of Adelaide, so we were excited for Chicco Palms to open here, especially since the owners have a good reputation with other establishments Pizza e Mozzarella Bar and Chicken and Pig, to name a couple.

We arrived on a very busy Saturday night for our 8pm booking. The carpark was full so we had to park in a nearby side street and once we entered we noticed a private function taking up half the restaurant with more people spilling outside. Chicco Palms has a very cool vibe thanks to the fit out with a large wide-spread kitchen including a pizza oven as a feature, great use of Italian branded water bottles along the walls and funky fluro lighting. The menu is concise and easy to read and also has the option for 'feed me' menus for groups.

It doesn't take the 3 of us very long to decide what we will be sharing, despite the boisterous levels of noise from the private function sharing the space. We are not sure if Chicco Palms acoustics are like this on a normal dinner service or whether it is elevated due to the private function but we noticed a table of ladies who took a seat at a table next to us, leave after 10 minutes as they could not cope with the high noise levels. If it is this loud always, then you are either going to love it or hate it...

Crochette Potato $13
For starters we selected the 'Crochette Potato' and the 'Chicken Cotoletta' to share while sipping on our refreshing, perfect for Summer, Aperol Spritz ($10) aperitivos. The crochette potato were a hearty size, well crumbed and seasoned with a very smooth and creamy blend of potato, provolone and parmigiano cheeses. With a squeeze of fresh lemon on top, the citrus did it's job to cut through the oil of the fried crochette.

Chicken Cotoletta alla Milanese $13
The 'Chicken Cotoletta alla Milanese', cutlets of crumbed and fried chicken, also served with a fresh lemon was probably the best I've had in a restaurant before. Lots of my family, friends and nonna's have cooked me their famous cotoletta before and it's always been a pleasure to have more than my fair share due to the moreish flavour, crisp breaded outer and juicy chicken inside made with love that we have not been able to find often outside of these traditional home kitchens. Tonight we found it!  Myself (Amanda) and my two Italian guests exclaimed this is just like nonna's cotoletta. Definitely worth a try!

Quattro Stagioni Pizza $22
For main course we selected a pizza and the mac and cheese to share... lucky we wore the loose 'carb friendly' clothes tonight! The 'Quattro Stagioni' pizza was topped with tomato, ham, olive, mushroom and artichoke. Quattro, meaning four, traditionally means the pizza will have the four toppings separated individually in each quarter. When sharing this pizza it was a little inconvenient, as none of us wanted a slice with, for example, only olives on it.  We really wanted a mix of all four ingredients on one slice. Therefore, we spent a little time dispersing the ingredients around evenly on the pizza before we got stuck in but once we did we were very pleased. Very similar to the pizza style of Pizza e Mozzarella, the pizza had a nice thin base, a flavoursome tomato sauce, lots of melted cheese, sufficent amount of toppings and a thicker crust with good chew, just as we like it.

Calabrese Mac & Cheese $20
The 'Calabrese Mac and Cheese' with chicken meatballs and white sauce was our least favourite dish.  The pasta was cooked al dente (just how we like it) which held up well with the plentiful serve of white sauce. The cheese on top had a good grilled top but we thought overall the dish lacked flavour and seasoning. We would have also preferred a thicker white sauce to coat the pasta better. There were only 2 small meatballs in the dish and with 3 people sharing this was disappointing.

Chicco Palms does not have a dessert menu but they do have daily dessert specials the server shared with us. On this occasion we decided to escape the chaotic ambiance of the private function still going strong next to us but we would love to try a dessert next time.

Personalised Crockery
We would recommend a visit to Chicco Palms, the pizza was good and those crumbed chicken cotolettas were a stand out! We look forward to returning soon.

Vegetarian/Vegan Friendly: A few vegetarian options (gluten free pizza bases available).
Child Friendly: Definitely - simple tasty food for the kids and lots of noise for them to blend in!

Ambiance: 3.5/5 - Cool, funky fit out, with a casual and relaxed vibe. A tad noisy on this occasion.
Service: 4/5 - Friendly relaxed service.
Food: 8/10 - Great food, make sure you go hungry and wear those stretchy pants!

In total OTCB gives Chicco Palms 15.5/20 chops On The Chopping Board.

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