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Signor Arrosticini - Food Truck - Various Locations

On The Chopping Board (OTCB) was invited to try the speciality dishes from the Signor Arrosticini food truck. All food was provided on behalf of Signor Arrosticini. Arrosticini (skinny lamb skewers) hail from Abruzzo in Italy and are not so well known here in Adelaide, so much so that Signor Arrosticini is the first food truck of it's kind here in Adelaide. They use a fornacella (an Italian charcoal fired brazier purpose built to fit the skewers) to cook the meat over the coals.

Stuffed Olives $8 for 5
On this visit, the Signor Arrosticini food truck was located in Victoria Square on a lovely sunny Autumn weekday, providing a great location to relax and enjoy a selection of their food offerings. We started with the 'Stuffed Olives' presented in a cardboard cylinder with napkins and a wooden fork, easy to take away or enjoy on the run. The green olives stuffed with finely shredded chicken and spices, coated in breadcrumbs, then deep fried were a moreish starter. Even though they were deep fried they weren't oily, had a nice crisp outer and a juicy inside of well seasoned chicken and olive.  The tanginess of the olive cut through the breaded outer well.

Arancini Balls $9 for 4
We can never go past Arancini Balls on a menu and these home made stuffed rice balls coated in breadcrumbs then deep fried with lots of oozy mozzarella cheese were delicious. Again a nice non-greasy crumbed outer, with a cheesy rice interior were well seasoned and had us demolishing these quick. We did think that a nice little tomato sugo on the side would be great to dip these cheesy balls into but then maybe not so convenient for an on the run type snack.

Lamb Skewers (Arrosticini) $9 for 5
Lastly the famous Arrosticini! We tried the skewers in the bag, which is a great takeaway option. Biting into the lamb skewers we instantly tasted the smokey charcoal flavours and noticed how well seasoned and tender the meat was. They are very skinny skewers so we were impressed that the meat was still so juicy as it takes some special care not to over cook meat as delicate as this. We loved them and found them very easy to eat and our 5 skewers in a bag each were gone before we knew it! We thought that the option to have the Arrosticini plate with a side of pickled eggplant and capsicum salad and continental bread soaked in extra-virgin olive oil for $11 was a good value lunch for one.

Signor Arrosticini Food Truck in Victoria Square, Adelaide
Signor Arrosticini food truck is out on the streets of Adelaide regularly. To give them a try yourself, follow them on their Facebook page to keep up with their location schedule. We will definitely keep our eyes (and mouths) open for them in the Adelaide CBD, the next lunch time we are looking for an arancini, stuffed olives or lamb skewer fix!


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