Spaghetti Western Saloon - Menu Tasting

Spaghetti Western Saloon - 111 King William Street, Adelaide SA 5000

On The Chopping Board (OTCB) was invited to a menu tasting at the newly opened Spaghetti Western Saloon, located on King William Street in the Adelaide CBD.  All food and beverages were provided on behalf of Spaghetti Western.

This 3 level establishment houses a saloon bar on the ground floor, dining hall on the first floor and function space on the top floor.  With a fun, western cowboy style fit out, it's not something you see everyday here in Adelaide and made for great conversation, with lots for the eye to explore.  Attending the menu tasting the day before the official opening to the public did have us noticing a few incomplete interior finishes but hopefully by the time we visit again all will be complete!

We were treated to a sharing style dinner, which is the philosophy of Spaghetti Western according to head chef Matthew Ryder; “it’s all about sharing at Spaghetti Western, sticking your fork into your partner’s plate is not only accepted but encouraged."  And with that in mind there were forks going in every way possible... not before photos were taken of course!

Zucchini Fries $8
The zucchini fries had a herbaceous, crispy outer, encasing a juicy zucchini within, combining to produce a burst of flavour in the mouth. A creamy and wonderful lemon aioli balanced the oiliness from the fried zucchini.  A great start and a dish we would order again on return.

Meatballs $12
Lets take a moment to all hail the meatball... such a simple little ball of goodness that isn't executed all that well these days but hold onto your horses because Spaghetti Western nailed it!  Their veal and pork meatballs with tomato sugo, parmesan and herb bread crumbs was the winning dish of the night for us.  I'm embarrassed to say how many I (Amanda) actually demolished but lets just say I missed the Espresso Martini masterclass to devour the meatballs in the back... oh my!  So much flavour packed into the little balls, they were made even more impressive thanks to the tenderness of the minced meat and well developed tomato sugo.  A little bread here to scoop up the remaining sugo would have finished the dish perfectly.  We can't wait to return for more of the balls!

Snapper $32
The first of the bigger plates was the roasted South Australian baby snapper fillet served with cauliflower puree, cannellini beans, peas, green beans, zucchini, basil pesto and lemon.  A good dish with fresh flavours from the basil pesto and lemon to compliment the delicate snapper fillet and bulk of the beans.  A nice way to break up the fried goodness of the zucchini fries, before tackling the carb loading portion of the night!

Eggplant Lasagne $26
The eggplant lasagne with ricotta, spinach, tomato sugo, rocket, fresh mozzarella and basil was another stand out dish of the night.  Vegetarians and gluten free lovers rejoice as this is your dish to indulge in!  Layers and layers of eggplant enveloping the luscious ricotta, spinach, sugo and mozzarella was so moreish and satisfying, it was a dish we didn't want to share!  A perfect dish to enjoy this Winter with it's warming, flavour filled comforting qualities.

Gnocchi $26
The gnocchi with forest mushrooms, sage, parmesan, white wine and garlic was another dish enjoyed around the table.  The gnocchi quite large in shape had a springy texture which combined nicely with the simple white wine sauce and intense flavours from the forest mushrooms.  I would maybe prefer my gnocchi a little smaller with a little less bite but this is Italian/American fusion and we all know American's don't do things small, so the larger size did fit the theme well.

Chicken Piccata $26
The last pasta dish 'Chicken Piccata' was a herb and parmesan crusted chicken served on spaghetti aglio olio with white wine, capers, lemon and zucchini.  This dish had more of an American style twist to it with the large chicken pieces placed atop a creamy style pasta.  We thoroughly enjoyed it.  Another satisfying dish, great for the Winter months approaching.  The lemon, capers and zucchini bringing bursts of freshness and tang to an otherwise creamy, carb heavy dish.  I would recommend giving this dish a try for something a little different.

Honey Bourbon Tiramisu $12
For dessert we were served a honey bourbon tiramisu with espresso syrup and dutch cocoa powder.  Scooped onto our plates straight from the large glass bowl it was made in and finished with a squeeze of extra coffee syrup on top, tiramisu fans around the table were in caffeine raptures!  I was only able to have a couple of spoonfuls, otherwise I risked the chance of not sleeping that night but I did find myself going back for a couple more spoonfuls than I should have.  The flavour and textures were very enjoyable and I recommend if you manage to save room for dessert, to order a serve to share... or not share!  We don't judge here!

Signage in the Saloon Bar
Spaghetti Western showed great signs tonight of a cool venue to visit with a group of friends and share a good ole hearty Italian/American meal.  Saddle up cowboys and get ready for a tasty ride... don't forget the stretchy pants though!

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