Chick Chick Boom - Fried Chicken Dreams!

Chick Chick Boom - Parc Arcade, Gawler Place, Adelaide SA 5000

Nestled in the quiet Parc Arcade in the Adelaide CBD is Chick Chick Boom (CCB). Here at On The Chopping Board (OTCB), we are quite fond of fried chicken, so we were keen to check out CCB when we heard it had opened. It did unfortunately take us a few too many months to make it though.

CCB is all about Southern style fried chicken, super crispy and super delicious. Chef Warwick Milne (formerly of Georges on Waymouth, The Exeter Hotel, Stockwell Hotel) has put a lot of time into getting the recipe right and throughout our experiences (yes, we've all been multiple times... don't mind our new fried chicken waistline!) we've all immensely enjoyed what he's created.

The meals described below are scattered across these multiple visits.

Fried Chicken Burger $10
The burger here is delicious, so delicious, it'll take you to that happy place. Squeezed in a soft, sweet brioche style bun is a divine, crunchy piece of CCB chicken, surrounded by the necessary lettuce and fresh tomato. It's just the right size for lunch, it's not too heavy or fatty, it's fresh and hot. The chicken is fantastic, the crumbs are crunchy and have just the right amount of seasoning, without overpowering the chicken. It's cooked so well that it's hit that sweet spot for chicken - not too dry, not too moist.

There's a custom house made sauce too, heavy on the mayonnaise flavours with a bit of acidity too. If you want to pimp this burger don't be afraid to ask for some hot sauce, as Warwick has this handy and is only too happy to oblige!  Overall, a satisfying burger, one that's unique and one you'll be thinking about for days or weeks after, if you can stay away that long.

Fried Chicken Tenders $9 or $12.50 with Salad
Furthering the focus on trying all the chicken types available on the menu, we decide to try the combination of freshly made salads of the day with chicken tenders on the side. There are also other chicken piece options (wings or thigh), but Warwick (possibly the nicest guy around) recommended we try the tenders first. And, they were as fabulous as promised.

One thing we have noticed is that once you've ordered, Warwick disappears out the back, presumably to freshly hand fry the chicken, and make sure your meal is perfect. It's definitely a hands on approach here, one that results in simple but amazing food. Like the chicken in the burger, the tenders are crunchy, flavourful and cooked just right. Served with a chipotle sauce (or feel free to pick from the many other sauce options), the combination is awesome. The chipotle is another custom sauce, with strong smokey / sour notes from the chipotle peppers, along with a great creamy base.

Salad $8.50 or $12.50 with Fried Chicken
There are usually 3 salads of the day to pick from and during Winter they have been quite hearty and full of sustenance which we like to see - airy fairy salads with lots of lettuce leaves are not our go to. The nicely spiced and lightly charred cauliflower with walnuts, carrot, couscous and fresh herbs salad had lots of great flavour and different textures to keep it interesting.  The large cuts of broccolini and roast pumpkin in our second salad was also an enjoyable accompaniment, making us feel like we were balancing out the fried chicken treat with a nutrient boost!

Mac'n'Cheese Croquettes $6
We love to indulge in some mac'n'cheese and feel like we have had some good crumbed balls in the past but when we took a bite into these croquettes, our tastebuds were overjoyed!  The clean crisp outer crumb combined with the oozing hot and plentiful cheese (and spilling out if you're not concentrating!) coating the al dente macaroni was delicious.  As a result, we have to call it... they are the best mac'n'cheese croquettes in Adelaide! 

Poutine $8
Poutine was a favourite of ours when visiting Canada on holiday, so we were excited to try CCB's version.  Like all the fried treats at CCB, the chips were not at all greasy but crisp on the outside, wonderfully fluffy inside and tastily seasoned.  The gravy wasn't watery at all and rather had a good consistency that coated and held onto the chips well, making it easy to fork the chips, gravy, melted cheese and cheese curd altogether.  Thick chunks of cheese curd were scattered throughout and had a fresh springy texture that we fought over til the last chunk!

Fried Chicken Po'Boy Sandwich $7
On Tuesday's, CCB have a Fried Chicken Po' boy Sandwich special.  When we visited it was only $6.50.  Since our visit the cost has increased to $7 but this is still a very, very good valued CBD lunch... and the size is generous.  No afternoon snacks required!

The seasoned fried chicken tenderloins are just as delicious as we have described above and with a slightly spicy and tangy Cajun remoulade and pickles sandwiched in a long French crusty baguette the mouthful is complete!  We chose to add a little hot sauce on one to mix up the flavours and definitely do this if a bit of extra kick is your thing.  A great sandwich that our waistline is begging us not to repeat every Tuesday... but how can we resist!

It is fair to say CCB has taken the express route to the top of our favourite CBD lunch location list.  It took us too long to initially visit but since then, we have returned weekly to ensure our tastebuds were not kidding us when we took that love at first fried chicken bite... and that they were not.  Surely this is what fried chicken heaven is?!?

Vegetarian/Vegan Friendly: There is the fried tofu burger, mac'n'cheese and they do have vegetarian salads available but beware you will be surrounded by fried chicken lovers. We've noticed lots of specials that are vegetarian too (follow CCB Facebook page for info).
Child Friendly: Certainly if they love them some fried chicken tenders and chips.

Ambiance: 3/5 - This is mainly a takeaway shop in an out of the way arcade with only a half a dozen bar stools and bar table to enjoy your meals at.  So get there early or plan to take your lunch to a park bench nearby.
Service: 5/5 -Warwick is pretty much a one man band, so when it's busy be prepared for a small wait as he makes everything fresh to order.  Always friendly and helpful.
Food: 10/10 - This is your fried chicken go to... outstanding!
In total OTCB gives Chick Chick Boom 18/20 chops On The Chopping Board.

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