Let Them Eat - Whole food for a fast life!

Let The Eat Westfield Marion - Ground Floor, Shop 1139, Oaklands Park SA 5046

Let Them Eat was established nearly nine years ago by Chef Tanya Agius and Danielle Frankish when they realised what a gap in the market there was for 'beautiful, handmade and rustic vegetarian food'.

Starting out as a wholesale business and providing delicious vegetarian food to market stalls and cafes alike, Tanya and Danielle soon realised the wider demand for their food, leading them to open a cafe in the Adelaide Central Market.

More recently, Let Them Eat have opened another store in Westfield Marion, which Danielle explains was a way to reach customers, old and new, who aren't always able to make it into the CBD. At the Westfield Marion store, customers are able to choose food to have heated on the spot to eat in the centre for a quick and healthy lunch, or take home their selections for a nourishing meal at home.

Let Them Eat shopfront at Westfield Marion

On The Chopping Board (OTCB) was recently invited to Let Them Eat at Westfield Marion shopping centre to have a taste of their current menu. As we stood in front of the glass display cabinets filled with an abundance of quiches, tarts, fritters, colourful salads and more, we found it difficult to choose what to eat!

With some helpful suggestions from the friendly staff, we finally decided to try a slice of pumpkin and red lentil lasagne, a piece of sweet potato and goat cheese tart, and an array of salads on the side.

Pumpkin and red lentil lasagne - $10.50 per slice

The pumpkin and red lentil lasagne was layer upon layer of flavoursome filling that held together perfectly, wasn't too creamy or cheesy, and we were even lucky enough to get an edge piece that had some crispy pasta from the side of the pan! In my opinion, this is what makes a perfect lasagne. For $10.50, this is a really generous slice of lasagne that will keep you full and feeling nourished for hours!

Sweet potato and goat cheese tart in wholemeal pastry - $7.50 per slice

Our second main dish was the sweet potato and goat cheese tart in wholemeal pastry, which was just as delicious as the lasagne! The pastry was crisp and buttery, creating the perfect foundation for the chunky sweet potato filling, with the addition of goat cheese giving it a refreshing tang. Let Them Eat's tarts are also available by the half and full tart for $50.00 and $99.00 respectively, which would be a fantastic option for a dinner party or event.

Our selection of food from Let Them Eat

To accompany the lasagne and tart, we decided to taste an array of salads that were available that day including a carrot and quinoa salad with toasted seeds, a Middle Eastern cracked wheat salad, a mung bean salad with ginger and soy, a spiced chickpea and roasted capsicum salad and a kale and black bean salad with maple syrup and lime dressing. All of the salads at Let Them Eat are $7.00 for a small size, $9.00 for a medium size, $12.00 for a large size and $18.00 for an extra large size container.

Although all of these salads were well balanced and full of flavour, there were two which particularly stood out to us as favourites.

Medium kale and black bean salad with maple syrup and lime dressing (right) - $9.00

The kale and black bean salad with maple syrup and lime dressing was a stand out for us as this isn't a combination of ingredients that is common on a salad menu or that we had seen before. The cooked black beans and raw kale were speckled with fresh corn kernels and a small amount of red quinoa, creating a well textured and filling salad. The light dressing of maple syrup and lime juice provided a sweet and tangy hit, without overpowering the flavours of the other ingredients at all.

Medium Middle Eastern cracked wheat salad - $9.00 

The second salad which had us coming back for seconds and thirds was the Middle Eastern cracked wheat salad. The cracked wheat was cooked perfectly until just al dente, coated with creamy pumpkin and scattered with red onion for some pepperiness, fresh herbs and some subtle spices. Even though this was a simple salad, the classic flavour combinations couldn't be doubted one bit.

Although the food at Let Them Eat is all vegetarian, Tanya and Danielle have chosen not to include this in the name or slogan of the business. But don't let that steer you away - this is the sort of food that even the most die-hard meat eater will not only enjoy, but will be going back for more of!

Instead, Tanya and Danielle describe their food as 'whole food for a fast life'. And that it is. The food at Let Them Eat really is a leading example of wholesome food that has gone through minimal processing, is free from additives and preservatives, is ridiculously convenient and, of course, superbly delicious - we will definitely be stopping by more often from now on!

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