Boston Bean Coffee Co serving up specialty coffee on the Eyre Peninsula

Boston Bean Coffee Co - Port Lincoln, Eyre Peninsula, SA

After continual frustration with not being able to find specialty coffee on the Eyre Peninsula in South Australia, Sue and Richard Scott from Port Lincoln decided to give the coffee business a go for themselves!

Sue and Richard started Boston Bean Coffee Co in 2015, and have dedicated themselves to developing and growing relationships built from quality coffee, training, equipment and support ever since. Richard says that they “focus on quality more than anything, as well as continual improvement” to ensure they are always offering their clients the best possible product.

In the two short years since establishing their specialty coffee company, Boston Bean Coffee Co have won a bronze medal at the 2017 Australian International Coffee Awards for their Symmetry Specialty coffee blend under the ‘espresso blend’ category. They also received two silver and three bronze medals for their specialty blends at the recent 2017 Royal Hobart Fine Food Awards, making them the only South Australian roaster to place.

Sue from Boston Bean Coffee Co preparing coffee at Gray's PR Table Talk

On The Chopping Board (OTCB) recently attended a Table Talk session at Gray’s PR where Sue and Richard shared their story with us, including their specialty roasting methods, award winning coffee blends, as well as their favourite brewing methods for their different blends.

As a black coffee drinker, Sue and Richard recommended that I (Taylor) try the Symmetry blend and Travellers blend, both which are a perfect roast for espresso. Although the Travellers blend was full bodied and balanced, the Symmetry blend was the espresso pick of the day due to it’s smoother, slightly sweeter finish which I prefer.

Boston Bean Coffee Co Cold Brew Concentrate in Natural and Sweet
($9.50 for 375ml bottle via their website)

Boston Bean Coffee Co also make their own cold brew concentrate - a product I was very excited to take home and try! As I only drink black coffee, cold brew is my coffee drink of choice throughout most of the year, but especially in the warmer months.

Boston Bean Coffeee Co brew freshly roasted and ground coffee in cold filtered water for 24 hours before triple filtering the finished product. Due to the cold brewing process instead of a hot extraction, the coffee has a smoother, sweeter and less acidic taste to it. Boston Bean Coffee Co make their cold brew as a concentrate, allowing the customer to dilute the product to the strength of their choice. They also offer a sweetened version of the product for all you sweet tooths out there!

Boston Bean Coffee Co FLO - Fairtrade Organic Ethiophian Yirgacheffe
single origin coffee brewed using a Chemex

Sue and Richard were also kind enough to give everyone a bag of freshly ground coffee beans of our choice to take home. Curious to try one of their single origin blends, I decided to take home a bag of the FLO – Fairtrade Organic Ethiopian Yirgacheffe, which Sue ground to a suitable size for brewing in my Chemex at home. As a lighter roast compared to the other coffee blends tasted from Boston Bean Coffee Co, the Ethiopian Yirgacheffe was very floral, with notes of vanilla and extremely balanced. I have since enjoyed brewing the single origin coffee every morning!

Boston Bean Coffee Co are also very environmentally conscious, proudly using Vegware cups in their pop-up cafes and in tasting sessions. Vegware cups are fully compostable and biodegradable in just under 12 weeks, and Sue and Richard see it as their responsibility to educate their customers about the importance of managing waste in the coffee and cafe industry. Boston Bean Coffee Co are also members of the Australian Specialty Coffee Association, meaning that all their coffee procedures fit within strict guidelines regarding the sustainability and ethical sourcing of coffee.

From sourcing, roasting, blending and brewing, Sue and Richard from Boston Bean Coffee Co have an uncompromising passion, enthusiasm and commitment to specialty coffee. Many cafes in the lower Eyre Peninsula use beans from Boston Bean Coffee Co, including Pukka Health, 1802 Oyster Bar, The Pink Door, Boston Bay Winery and Peacock Gardens, and Sue and Richard hope to keep growing the number of businesses they work with. So keep your eye out for Boston Bean Coffee Co brewing at a coffee shop near you, or jump online and pick up a bag for yourself! 


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