Restaurant quality meat at the new Dulwich Butchery

Dulwich Butchery - 5F Stuart Road, Dulwich SA 5065

The door of Dulwich Butchery

“Welcome to good old fashioned quality and service” – those are the words written on the door of the newly opened Dulwich Butchery by the Bloody Mary Group.

Butcher Troy Ledo, and Adam Gulden of Bloody Mary Group explain that they wanted to keep this phrase on the door from the previous specialty butcher shop that occupied the space, as it is a representation of the tradition and quality they are wanting to carry on with their new venture.

Bloody Mary Group is the team behind some of Adelaide’s favourite establishments such as Stone’s Throw, Saracen’s Head, The Archer Hotel, Pirie & Co and The Windmill Hotel.

Troy Ledo, butcher at Dulwich Butchery

Troy Ledo, who by coincidence did his apprenticeship in the same butcher shop many years prior, developed the idea for Dulwich Butchery with Matt Mitchell from Stone’s Throw when Matt realised there could be more control over the quality of meat being sourced for the groups hospitality venues.

By cutting out the wholesaler or middle-person for their restaurants, the group is able to take more control over their supply chain, and ultimately improve the quality of the end product – the food served to hundreds of customers daily.

However, the team also noticed a gap in the market for a butcher shop offering restaurant quality meat that is accessible to the general public. By sourcing their own meat, Dulwich Butchery are also able to provide this top quality produce to the public through their retail store on Stuart Road.

The small retail premises means a faster turnover of stock and fresher produce being delivered on a regular basis, a positive for restaurants and retail customers alike.

Selection of meat OTCB took home

On The Chopping Board (OTCB) were lucky enough to take home some of the restaurant quality meat to cook and taste for ourselves, which was all provided by Dulwich Butchery. Amongst the selection were some chicken kebabs, country style chicken sausages and beef patties, all of which are made in-house by Troy and delivered highly in flavour.

However, the real star of the show was a 28 day dry aged porterhouse steak that Troy had sourced from a farm in NSW. Dry ageing not only helps steak develop a deep beef flavour by evaporating moisture, but also allows the collagen to break down, leaving behind exceptionally tender protein. After sealing the porterhouse steak on each side in a cast-iron pan, we let the steak cook to medium-rare in a moderate oven before resting and enjoying with a glass of Adelaide Hills Shiraz. The steak was full of flavour and extremely tender - exactly what you would to find in a restaurant!

A selection of product at Dulwich Butchery

Troy has big plans for the butcher shops offering, including specialty chunky style sausages that we can’t wait to go back and try. “You can actually feel the texture of the meat when you eat them – it’s a less processed product”, Troy says.

There’s nothing quite like good old fashioned service and knowing you are buying a quality product from industry professionals who dedicate themselves wholly to their craft – which is exactly what you can expect from the new Dulwich Butchery. 


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