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On The Chopping Board (OTCB) was invited to taste the menu at 'POW Kitchen' in St Kilda. However, when we arrived we felt like we just walked into a side-street restaurant in Thailand. Walk upstairs of the 'Prince Bandroom' and you will find 'POW Kitchen' overlooking Fitzroy Street. The dimly lit balcony, hanging wooden logs and pot plants and even the choice of fans had us wishing we were sitting in the warm weather of Phuket. The service was perfect, we were suggested the 'South East Feast' which is $45 per person, an incredible price for the amount of food we received.

'Pink Lady' - $19
I (Christina) started with the 'Pink Lady' cocktail which consisted of spiced rum, gin, cucumber, strawberry, and cinnamon. The cocktail was refreshing and light. A great way to start big a feast.

'Sweet Corn Kakiage' - $10
To begin the 'South East Feast' we started with the 'Sweet Corn Kakiage' with sweet corn mayo and lime. This is something I would not have chosen if we were doing ala carte however it was one of the best meals of the night. It had the best crunch and the mayo was great, we even asked for extra to have with our dumplings. 

'Pork and Prawn Dumpling' - $12

Our second entree was the 'Pork and Prawn Dumplings' with chilli vinegar and ginger. The dumplings were perfectly cooked, we often taste dumplings that are still floury and overcooked, but these were cooked well. The chilli vinegar was very spicy and I thought this is where the restaurant's name came from. I actually felt it was a little too spicy for me, and I can handle my spice, the chilli overtook a lot of the flavours from the other ingredients.

'Coal Grilled Kingfish Collar' - $16

To start our mains we were given the 'Coal Grilled Kingfish Collar'. This is another dish I would not have ordered myself but it was delicious! You'll find yourself just constantly searching for more meat on the bone because you just don't want it to end. The fish was moist and was perfectly paired with the refreshing green chilli num jin salad.

'Xinjing Style Cumin Rubbed Lamb Ribs' - $15

The 'Xinjing Style Cumin Rubbed Lamb Ribs' followed which was full of flavour. The actual lamb was a bit fatty for me but that is just the particular cut of the meat. We loved the choice of flavours - chilli, hoisin and sesame all paired with cumin was a great combination. 

'Lap Cheong Fried Rice' - $10

Their special fried rice dish was given with the kingfish and lamb ribs which was the 'Lap Cheong Fried Rice'. I thought there was too much Chinese pork sausage in the rice, however, the dish was very tasty.

'Crispy Pork Hock with Charred Pineapple' - $22

Yes, more food came out. I'm telling you, you definitely get your bang for your buck at POW Kitchen. The 'Crispy Pork Hock with Charred Pineapple' and chilli and Vietnamese mint was another great dish. Again, there were fatty parts but that comes with pork hock.  The pork had a great sticky texture and even though I don't like pineapple, the sweetness with the savoury made for a great combination. 

'Yellow Curry of Chicken with Pumpkin, Coconut and Thai Eggplant' - $24

To finish our savoury feast was the 'Yellow Curry of Chicken with Pumpkin, Coconut and Thai Eggplant'. Curry would have to be my favourite dish to order out in Asian restaurants and to cook at home. This curry was another great one, however, we did find the sauce was a little bit watery and lacked the amount of flavour like the other dishes we had. However, this could be because the rest of our meals were so flavourful.

'Sichuan Pepper Deep Fried Ice-Cream' - $12

After all of those dishes, it was impossible to say no to dessert: 'Sichuan Pepper Deep Fried Ice-Cream' with brown sugar candy caramel. Oh my God. Amazing. Who would have thought Sichuan pepper would be so good with ice-cream. Definitely, a must have to finish off your evening at 'POW Kitchen'.

We had such a great night dining at 'POW Kitchen', the food was great and the service was exceptional. We highly recommend anyone visiting or living in Melbourne to check it out. The last  'All You Can Eat Dumplings' for $22.50 will be available this Thursday night 28th September 2017.

Ambiance: 5/5 - It made us want to book a flight to Thailand.
Service: 5/5 - Very friendly staff with table service.
Food: 8/10 - Flavourful, tasty, quick delivery and filling.

In total OTCB gives POW Kitchen 18/20 chops On The Chopping Board.

Things to know:
  • The restaurant is upstairs of The Prince Boardroom.
  • There is an inside dining area as well.
  • 'All You Can Eat Dumpings' this Thursday night 28th September 2017.
  • Only open for dinner during the week (5pm - 11pm). Opened for lunch on the weekend (12pm - 12am).
  • Make sure you take photos and tag @onthechoppingboard #otcb and let us know what you ordered and loved.

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