Scoffed Cooking School - Chefs in the Making!

Scoffed Cooking School - 441 Magill Road, St Morris, Adelaide SA 5068

Scoffed Cooking School began in December 2015, with the idea of offering fun adult and kids hands-on cooking classes, in a comfortable space while learning new cooking skills and enjoying dining on the dishes you create.

Our Cooking Station for the Night

On The Chopping Board (OTCB) was invited to Scoffed to partake in a gourmet vegetarian class, involving vegetables not regularly used in day to day home cooking, like artichokes, kolrabi and calabash.  This class was part of their 'Scoffed and Quaffed' cooking class series, which meant we enjoyed matched wines with each course we cooked.

Without giving too much away, as we think not knowing everything you will be cooking on the evening is half the fun, we will give you a little overview of the night and the general format these types of classes offer.

Chef Lachlan at the front of the class demonstrating

On arrival, we were whisked off to a waiting area where we were served a pre-cooking beverage with a little time for introductions amongst fellow cooking class students.  Nadine, the Scoffed Director, ran through the health and safety procedures and next we were suiting up in our official aprons, eager to receive our instructions from Chef Lachlan.

Starting to Cook!

With a small class of 7 people, it was easy for us up close, to hear, view and follow the guidance of Chef Lachlan, every step of the way.  With 4 courses plus a dessert to prepare, it was a busy night of cooking but working in pairs and together as a whole team for different elements of the dishes, removed any high pressure cooking situations.  Of course with a glass of wine on the nearby dining table, a quick sip here and there between kitchen duties helped to provide a relaxed and enjoyable cooking environment throughout the 3 hour cooking and dining class. 

Getting hands on!

The vegetarian cooking class was new to the cooking school schedule, and as a result the recipes were not yet documented meaning we didn't have them available at the time of cooking.  For us this would have been handy, not only as a prompt of what cooking task to undertake next or what we should be doing if weren't concentrating as we should, but also a place to take notes for any nifty tips the Chef shared along the way.

Warm Green Brunch Salad

Our favourite dish of the night was the 'Warm Green Brunch Salad', which was filled with nutritious and delicious, local seasonal green vegetables including spinach, kale, kohlrabi and Brussels spouts.  This dish was topped with a poached egg, and for myself (Amanda), who has always been too overwhelmed to try poaching an egg before, it was an exciting opportunity to learn a cooking technique that I've now realised is so simple, especially once someone has demonstrated it for you.  Just call me the poached egg master now!

The Dinner Table

We enjoyed being able to sit at the dining table with the cooking class participants after each course we cooked, to enjoy the dishes we made ourselves, while sipping on the matched local wines and having a lovely chat amongst our new cooking friends. A great way to spend an evening, while learning new skills we could put to use at home.

A Selection of Wines to Match to Dinner

Scoffed have adult cooking classes to cater for beginners through to gourmet cooks.  The 'Scoffed and Quaffed' classes are great for those who wish to try their hand at cooking new cuisines (think curries, paella and tapas) and enjoying your meal creations with matched wines. The ‘Hump Day’ classes available are a quicker style cooking class, aimed to add inspiration to your weeknight meals. There are also a range of classes available for kids aged 5 and above. A great way to learn recipes from around the world and get the kids excited about cooking.

Check out the Scoffed Cooking School website for further information on available upcoming classes, which you can book direct online.

Happy cooking!


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