The Lighthouse Wharf Hotel - High Tea Launch

The Lighthouse Wharf Hotel - 1 Commercial Road, Port Adelaide SA 5015

We at On The Chopping Board (OTCB) enjoy a good high tea but it's not always easy to come by. When we were invited to The Lighthouse Wharf Hotel for the launch of their high tea offering, we hoped the long drive to get there would be worth it.  All food and beverages were provided on behalf of The Lighthouse Wharf Hotel.

A bird's eye view of our high tea feast
Located in Port Adelaide, with views of the lighthouse and the Port River, we were pleased to enter a bright and airy space, gorgeously styled by Eve to Dawn for the occasion.  With a glass of JANSZ Sparkling Rose NV on arrival, we settled in easily perusing the set menu of sweet and savoury inclusions.

Table Setting by Eve to Dawn
Learning that the Mayfair Bakery and Patisserie were enlisted to provide some of the sweet and savoury pastries on the high tea menu, we were most excited, as they also own one of our favourite, regularly visited, local bakery, The Rolling Pin Bakery and Patisserie.  We love that the Mayfair and the Rolling Pin Bakery use high quality, Australian market garden produce, organic where possible, the finest quality Belgium chocolate, and make all their tart shells from scratch... something many other patisseries fail to do.

High Tea
A two tiered cake stand was presented to the table.  The bottom plate held the house made finger sandwiches and Mayfair Bakery savoury pastries and the top tier held the Mayfair Bakery sweets.  A separate basket of house made scones with a selection of 3 jams and whipped cream was also served. Everything looked pretty as a picture and we couldn't wait to devour the wonderful smelling spread.

Salmon & Cucumber Sandwich (left), Roast Vegetable & Spinach Quiche (right)
The house made finger sandwiches consisted of 'salmon and cucumber', 'curried egg, lettuce and mayo' and 'chicken, walnut and mayo' varieties.  You could easily tell each sandwich was freshly made, the bread was soft, the fillings flavourful and the cucumber, lettuce and walnut retaining texture.  A far cry from the stale bread, and hard cold fillings you can tell have been pre-made, pulled out the refrigerator and served, when we have visited other high tea venues.

Spanish Prosciutto & Camembert Danish
The 'Spanish prosciutto and camembert Danish' and 'roast vegetable and spinach quiche' savoury pastries made by the Mayfair Bakery were delicious.  How can you not love flakey pastry, creamy camembert cheese and a good sized flavourful quiche, jam-packed with locally sourced vegetables.

Scones & Cream
Next we moved onto the house made scones with strawberry, raspberry and apricot jams and whipped cream. Scones at high tea is another item, I (Amanda) find more often than not miss the mark - they are either stone cold or dry and tasteless.  Today, The Lighthouse Wharf Hotel kicked my scone phobia into the Port River!  They were lovely and large, soft inside with a nice crust on the outer and oh my goodness still warm, even after my photoshoot!   Topped with the jam (raspberry was my favourite) and cream if you so desired, they would be hard to beat... they even had my mum questioning her scone baking skills!

Raspberry & Passionfruit Creme Patisserie Tart
Last but not least, we enjoyed the 3 sweets from the Mayfair Bakery.  The 'fresh raspberry with passionfruit creme patisserie tart' is a tart we have had previously direct from the bakery.  We loved the fresh plump raspberries atop the creamy dreamy creme patisserie.  Today more of the vanilla bean flavour shined through rather than the passionfruit but the tart filling was still divine in the buttery and light tart shell that had a great little crunch on the edges.

High Tea Stand
The 'madeleines' orginiating from France were described as a cross between a buttery sponge cake and a biscuit that is traditionally made with vanilla but today was made with the use of house made lemon curd.  They are something I have recently learnt to make and I love to try other varieties especially by experts like the Mayfair Bakery.  This madeleine was very moist, most likely due to the addition of the lemon curd, which we thought was a great little twist, making them very moreish.

The 'double Belgium chocolate fudge brownie' was the most decadent on the plate but by no means sickly sweet, in fact a lovely chocolatey balance with a fudgy texture we were hoping for.  A piping of chocolate icing on top added a nice creaminess.  A lovely sized chocolate portion to end a lovely high tea.

French Earl Grey T2 Tea
Lets not forget all the tea sipping we did, as only a distinguished high tea attendee would, enjoying English Breakfast, French Earl Grey and Green Rose T2 teas (espresso coffee also available).

Our high tea experience at The Lighthouse Wharf Hotel was definitely worth our trek from the foothills.  We enjoyed the whole package, food, drinks, service and ambiance on this lovely sunny afternoon in Port Adelaide.  The food presented today restored our faith in the quality of high teas available in Adelaide and we look forward to returning with our friends and family soon.

High Tea is available at The Lighthouse Wharf Hotel every Saturday commencing the 21st of October 2017.  Two sessions are available; 11am until 1pm or 2pm until 4pm.  The cost is $39 per person and bookings are essential on (08) 8447 1580.  If you would like to visit to celebrate a special ocassion, Eve to Dawn are also available for event styling including table decorations and menu design.

The Lighthouse Wharf Hotel Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato


  1. Hey! These dishes are looking so tempting! The finger sandwich is looking great and the way you describe, I can actually feel the great taste :) Thanks for this information!


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