Sukha Life - An Instant Healthy Glow!

Sukha Life - 172 Hutt Street, Adelaide SA 5000

Life as a food blogger can make it difficult to maintain a healthy lifestyle, with the frequent decadent temptations and regular over-eating.  So when Sukha Life invited us to their new cafe to try their super healthy and nutritious plant based menu offering, I (Amanda) was excited to get my healthy glow on!  All food and beverages were provided on behalf of Sukha Life.

Let the healthy glow begin!

Amy and Elle started Sukha Life as a meal delivery service, offering 1, 3 or 5 day meal programs, designed to offer delicious plant based and gluten and dairy free meals to hydrate, cleanse, nourish and restore your body.  Delivering to suburbs within 10km of the Adelaide CBD, Amy and Elle outgrew their home kitchen due to the demand and decided to open their first cafe on the gorgeous tree lined Hutt Street.  Still offering their meal delivery service, Sukha Life Cafe means we can all now enjoy their beautifully creative dishes and good coffee, in-house, from a central location.

Sukha Life interior overlooking Hutt Street

Arriving mid-morning on a hot summer Saturday, after finally finding a park on Hutt Street that wasn't restricted to 1/2 hour only (thanks for making life hard Adelaide City Council! Tip: after 12pm parking is much easier), we entered a small and tranquil feeling cafe.  Inside currently has 3 tables for 2 people, window bar seating for another few people, and outdoor seating on the footpath of Hutt Street.  Sukha Life also revealed they have plans to renovate a courtyard at the rear of the cafe for additional dining in the near future, which will complete this cute cafe perfectly.

Latte with house made almond milk $5.50 & Flat White $4.60

Starting with coffees made with beans from local roastery Elementary, we were impressed with the smoothness of the coffee.  Having mine with the house made almond milk (Pure Harvest almond milk is available if you don't want to pay the additional $1.50 for house made) was a very enjoyable coffee experience, thanks to the creamy and slightly nutty texture.  If only Sukha Life was closer to work, they would definitely be my every day go to for an almond milk latte.

House made savoury loaf w/ smashed avo, beetroot hummus & chilli rocket $15.90

To kickstart our glowing green insides we shared the smashed avocado and the sautéed greens.   The generous serve of smashed avo was atop a thickly sliced house made savoury loaf (gluten free of course!) which was dense but soft and full of texture from the mixed seeds throughout.  We loved the toppings of pickled red onion, fresh thin slices of radish, cashew cheese and a sprinkling of dry chilli to add even more texture and flavour contrasts to the ever popular smashed avo dish.  And if that's not enough flavour packed action for you, then squeeze a little of the fresh wedge of lemon provided, which I think works even better squeezed on the side of fresh rocket.  Mop up the smear of beetroot hummus with the rocket and you will have wiped your plate clean like me!  Honestly one of the best smashed avo dishes I've had for awhile.

Sautéed Greens w/ almond mustard dressing & cashew dill cheese $16.90

Just looking at the sautéed greens, I felt instantly healthy!  With a good dose of broccoli, green beans, kale and zucchini, I did initially think, oh who would want to just eat a plate of greens!  Well let me tell you these are no ordinary plate of mixed vegetables.  This plate was full of delicious flavours and textures thanks to the addition of the thick dollops of cashew dill cheese (dairy free) and mixed nuts, seeds and toasted coconut.  Again, Sukha Life take the flavour profile to another level and have a side of a wedge of fresh lemon and almond mustard dressing for you to either dip your vegetables in, or in my case because I loved the dressing so much I just poured it all over for a creamy tangy vegetable sensation!  If only I could make my vegetables taste this good...!

Turmeric & vanilla waffles w/ coconut yoghurt & raspberry chia jam $13.90

Now we could have easily have left the brunch date here, full, nourished and satisfied but when in Rome, we might as well try some of the sweet dishes on the menu.  The turmeric and vanilla waffles looked so pretty on the plate with their love heart shape and yes they tasted as good as they looked! The turmeric colours the waffles a nice dark orangey colour but besides the colouring you wouldn't know that turmeric is involved (apart from it's amazing anti-inflammatory health qualities) as the dish as a whole has lovely sweet and tart flavours thanks to the delicious chunky raspberry chia jam and coconut yoghurt.  With slices of fresh banana and strawberries on top, it was the fresh, sweet and satisfying dish we were hoping for!  And to think something so yummy is filled with so many wonderful nutrients!

Berry Beautiful Smoothie Bowl $13.90

To finish one of our favourite healthy treats of all a smoothie bowl!  This one using coconut milk blended with banana and berries had the perfect thickness to eat with a spoon, and on the hot day that it was this smoothie bowl was nicely chilled.  Topped with lots of texturally exciting elements in coconut shards, cacao nibs, goji berries and granola (gluten free) we were in smoothie bowl heaven! Definitely a smoothie bowl I recommend trying, as it is berry beautiful!

Pretty Ceiling!

We loved our brunch at Sukha Life.  Amy and Elle bring a lovely, friendly and welcoming vibe to the cafe and the food is so delicious you don't even miss having meat, dairy or gluten on your plate!  Even the regulars passing through or staying to soak up the relaxing vibe of the cafe are so friendly chatting to the new visitors, makes for a wonderful atmosphere where you feel like you could drop in not only to nourish your body but also your social life!  We can't wait to return again and again and restore these food blogger bodies back into a healthy glowing state... oh and to say hi to all the new friends we made!

**Please note, menu items reviewed above are from Sukha Life's new menu launching end of January 2018.


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