Bai Long Store - Adelaide's newest modern Asian restuarant

Bai Long Store - 80 Hutt Street, Adelaide SA 5000

Introducing Bai Long Store - one of Adelaide's newest modern Asian restaurants from the minds behind Gin Long Canteen and Concubine. Bai Long is an exciting new concept for Asian dining in Adelaide, aiming to bring retail and dining together in full balance, staying true to the yin yang theme throughout space.

The 'sip' section of Bai Long Store

Bai Long Store is physically divided into five sections - sip, journey, gift, kitchen and grocery, with a character representing each section throughout. The grocery section is filled with foods used on the menu that customers can also buy to use in their own cooking at home, such as house made granola, dry pumpkin noodles and a selection of fine teas.

Our visit to Bai Long Store was to try their 'Day' menu - a menu consisting of both breakfast and lunch items that are all available from 8am to 3pm, seven days a week. All food and beverages were provided on behalf of Bai Long Store.

Scrambled Tofu with poached egg, cauliflower and black sourdough - $20.00

The menu tasting started off with a dish that both tofu lovers and haters around the table thoroughly enjoyed. Soft tofu was scrambled to replicate the fluffy texture of scrambled eggs, piled on top of delicious house-made sourdough bread, topped with crispy cauliflower and a poached egg. This dish was filling and satisfying, and would also be a great vegan breakfast if the poached egg was left off.

Dukkah poached eggs with avocado, quinoa and black sourdough - $20.00

You're sure to get your daily dose of greens with this dish of dukkah poached eggs! Underneath two perfectly poached and dukkah-coated eggs is a bed of mixed greens, ripe avocado, fresh radish, feta cheese and charcoal toast. Although one of the healthier options on the menu, this dish was still packed full of flavour and texture and will keep you full for hours.

Roti benedict with miso eggplant, tom yum hollandaise and fried basil - $20.00

I'm sure I'm not the only person still dreaming about Bai Long Store's roti benedict with miso eggplant. The foundation that holds this dish together is the house-made roti - soft, flaky and sweet, it just might be some of the best roti we've had in Adelaide. Next comes the miso glazed eggplant, two poached eggs, the slightly-sweet-slightly-sour tom yum hollandaise sauce, deep fried basil and handfuls of fresh coriander. It really is a winning combination, and if there is one dish I would come back and order again and again, this would definitely be it.

Confit mushrooms with poached egg, sesame puree and baked semolina - $20.00

Another winning brunch dish for all the mushroom lovers out there is Bai Long Store's confit mushrooms with a poached egg, sesame puree and baked semolina. The baked semolina is soft, buttery and filling - a great alternative to toast in a brunch dish to mix things up a bit. The sesame paste that painted the plate was nutty and rich, complimenting the tender confit mushrooms perfectly.

Noodle salad with mixed vegetables, pine nut dressing and duck - $18.00

Moving into more of the lunch fare on the 'Day' menu, this noodle salad with mixed vegetables, pine nut dressing, generous amounts of fresh herbs and house-confit duck was light and refreshing. The pumpkin noodles, which are made in Malaysia especially for Bai Long Store, were silky smooth, however a little more of the nutty dressing wouldn't have gone astray to boost the flavour profile a little.

Brown rice bowl with avocado, multi beans, truffle soy and sashimi - $22.00 

The last dish we tried off the 'Day' menu was a brown rice bowl with avocado, multi beans, truffle soy dressing and salmon sashimi. With a generous amount of avocado and salmon and not too much soy dressing, this dish makes a perfect healthy light lunch!

Also offering house made pies and pastries for an on-the-go breakfast or lunch, and a full 'Night' menu featuring a meat focused, vegetarian and dessert menu, Bai Long Store has something to offer for any time of day and we can't wait to come back and try more!


  1. Nice food in Modern Asian restaurant.. surely one day i will try here.. thanks for sharing


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