Champions of the 2018 Australian Grand Dairy Awards have been announced!

Tonight at the official awards night in Melbourne, the champions of the 2018 Australian Grand Dairy Awards (AGDA) were crowned! To be titled as an AGDA Champion is the highest accolade for a dairy producer in Australia, as the AGDA is Australia’s most prestigious national dairy awards.

There are 18 categories in the AGDA this year, and the champion of each category are products that represent the very best of the best Australian dairy - and we don't say this lightly! The judging process is extremely rigorous, with 24 dairy experts judging all 500 products over an intense two days. 

On The Chopping Board were lucky enough to sample five of the AGDA 2018 champion products from the categories of Blue Cheese, Flavoured Cheese, Semi Hard and Eye Cheese, Butter & Butter Blend, and Flavoured Dairy Drink. 

From left to right: Section28 Diavolo, Berrys Creek Tarwin Blue, Section28 Monforte

In the category of Blue Cheese, Tarwin Blue from Berrys Creek in Fish Creek, South Gippsland was the winner. This buffalo milk cheese was superbly smooth and creamy, yet robust and full of texture - a perfect blue for any occasion.

The winners of the Flavoured Cheese and Semi Hard and Eye Cheese categories came from the same producer, Section28 Artisan Cheeses. Located in the picturesque Adelaide Hills, Section28 source the very best local milk and hand-make unique Australian cheeses using classic traditions of European cheesemakers.

The winner of the Flavoured Cheese category is Section28's Diavolo - a distinctive cheese studded with crushed Australian native pepperberries that add a savoury, peppery and smokey flavour. The winner of the Semi Hard and Eye Cheese category is Section28's Monforte - a delicately sweet and nutty cheese with earthy tones from being matured in a cave for at least 12 months.

Western Star Chef's Choice Unsalted Cultured Butter

Western Star was the producer behind the winning product in the Butter & Butter Blend category - Chef's Choice Unsalted Cultured Butter. This cultured butter has a creamier and smoother texture than other Western Star butters and a fantastic cultured flavour, making it ideal for baking as well as for smothering on good bread!

Dare Iced Coffee Double Espresso

Last but definitely not least is the winner of the Flavoured Dairy Drink category - Dare Iced Coffee's Double Espresso milk. Using a great balance of Robusta and Arabica coffee beans and quality Australian milk, this iced coffee delivered on the flavour and in strength!

Overall, the five champion products that we were lucky enough to try impressed on many levels, and reminded us how lucky we are in Australia to have access to such fantastic local Australian dairy products.

Next time you’re looking for a cheese to be the star of your antipasto board, the best butter to do your baking, or simply a quick iced coffee fix when you're on the run, keep a look out for the blue and gold medal on packs to know you're buying the best of the best dairy products that Australia has to offer!

Visit the Legendairy website for further information and the full list of champion products.


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