Our arrival gift from Loews :)

This was my (Christina) first time to Los Angeles (LA) and let me just say, Loews Hollywood Hotel made it incredible. We didn't even want to look for other restaurants to dine at when our hotel offered such amazing food.

When I walked into our modern hotel room, they had prepared a selection of little taste-testers from their new food program, 'Flavor'. The program features several local vendors from LA, so guests can taste a variety of food and beverage flavours Hollywood is known for, without leaving the hotel.

First, from Conway Family Wines, we had the 'Deep Sea Sauvignon Blanc Sabayon', topped with white chocolate dipped grapes rolled in chocolate shavings, pistachios, and honey almonds. It was insanely smooth and refreshing.

A taste tester of Hollywood

Next, from Chocovivo (famous for their age-old chocolate making techniques), the 'Hazelnut Cacao Butter Crostini' was topped with deep dark chocolate cacao nibs and raspberry. This one was my least favourite but only because I'm not a fan of dark chocolate.

Finally, we went for 'The Hollywood Blonde' from Duidough Cookie Lab (known for making their cookies by hand) and was easily our favourite. The cookie log was topped with German chocolate cake frosting - anything that involves cookie and chocolate cake together is a recipe for perfection.

Let the buffet breakfast begin!

For us Aussies, a classic breakfast would easily be avocado on toast. But in America, as you probably would have guessed - it's everything! We were invited to have breakfast at Loews buffet. It had everything from croissants to waffles and eggs to potatoes. Yes, potatoes. Potatoes were served with many meals we had in America, and we definitely weren't hating it.

Chef cooking to order
I decided to try and stay healthy with a freshly made omelet by the onsite chef. But, my sweet tooth got the better of me and not long after, I returned for his freshly made pancakes that I coated with none other than Nutella!

Breakfast in bed!
On our last day at Loews Hollywood Hotel, they kindly delivered us a breakfast of champions, which gave us plenty of energy for our day of tourist attraction activities.

It consisted of a salmon and cream cheese bagel with capers, tomato, and red onion plus toast with potatoes (because it's America and roasted potatoes are totally acceptable for breakfast). Then fresh muesli with fruit and yoghurt. Bagels are so common in the states, and since returning back home, I have been craving them often and I have found they are just not the same in Australia.

On The Chopping Board (OTCB) would like to thank Loews Hollywood Hotel for their wonderful hospitality.  Not only did they deliver great food and great service but the location is conveniently only 10 steps from Hollywood Boulevard.

If you're in LA for a holiday, we recommend visiting Loews Hollywood Hotel.  The hotel is stunning and close to many main tourist attractions.  Happy holidaying!

The famous Hollywood Sign

Ambiance: 5/5 - A really cool vibe, great interior and incredible locations.

Service: 5/5 - Service was above and beyond.

Food: 9/10 - Great food, a lot better than anyone would expect for hotel food.

In total, OTCB gives Loews Hollywood Hotel 19/20 chops On The Chopping Board.


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