Level One at Electra House - New Menu, New Head Chef

Level One at Electra House - 131 King William Street, ADELAIDE SA 5000

It's no secret that we love Level One restaurant here at On The Chopping Board (OTCB) - having been on the journey over the past few years when we visited for a menu tasting in 2016, again in 2017 to experience the Asian fusion update of the menu and most recently for a taste of their updated Summer menu in December 2017. Many months have passed since our last visit to Level One, but we haven't stopped craving the creative dishes and unique dining experience that many chefs have brought to the Adelaide restaurant.

We were lucky enough to be invited back to Level One to have the first taste of 10 new dishes crafted by Head Chef Josh Kim who has continued the restaurant's Modern Asian menu with bold flavours and local ingredients. All food and drinks were provided by Level One.

Head Chef Josh Kim has had an incredible career prior to coming to Level One - from working at Bert’s in Newport, Queen Chow in Newtown, Papichulo in Manly and Mr Wong in Sydney, he has worked on some of the best Asian fusion restaurant menus in Australia. 

Housemade Wonton - $15

Dinner started with a bang thanks to the most flavoursome house made wontons filled with pork and prawn, shio goma (salted black sesame), Sichuan oil and hazelnut. The juicy dumping filling, the slight numbing tingle of the Sichuan oil and crunch of hazelnuts made these wontons truly memorable.

Pork San Choi Bao - $18

San Choi Bao is a crowd favourite and Chef Kim’s didn’t disappoint! Crunchy cos lettuce cups enveloped the juicy pork filling filled with sweetcorn and garlic shoot and was accompanied by a Thai basil green pickle sauce, which lifted the flavours and added the perfect amount of acidity.

Grilled Baby Octopus - $23

The next dish of the night was a grilled baby octopus with house-made XO dressing and pickled snake beans, and it was definitely a stand out for everyone around the table! Firstly, the octopus was perfectly cooked and melt-in-your-mouth tender, with crispy charred tentacles that added great texture. Doused in Chef Kim's XO sauce, this dish packed a punch of chilli and garlic, but was lifted with a generous squeeze of fresh lemon right before we ate it. Definitely a must try if you're an octopus fan! 

Korean Tong Ho Salad $16

The Korean Tong Ho (edible chrysanthemum greens) salad provided great banter around the dinner table.  The table was divided by those who have eaten jellyfish before, a couple who did not want to try it ever and the rest that were ready to give it their first try!  We think if you haven't tried jellyfish before this is a great dish to experience it for the first time.  Thinly sliced and mixed throughout the salad with coriander, enoki, woodear mushroom and greens it was easily camouflaged by the fresh, vibrant flavours and varying textures.  Give your dinner table something to chat about and order this salad - perfect to refresh the palate in summer!

Silverbeet Kake Udon $23

The Silverbeet Kake Udon dish was our favourite dish of the night. The flavourful tsuyu (broth), textural excitement of the shiitake mushroom, silverbeet, garlic (your garlic breath will be worth it!), yummy slippery udon noodles and tasty lightness of the tofu puffs was a real winner for us.  Easily a dish you might want all to yourself, so don't make too many sharing promises with your dinner partners, just in case!

Master Stock Lamb Ribs $29

The Master Stock Lamb Ribs with black bean sauce, sun-dried tomato and coriander was a nice dish. The meat pulled away from the bone effortlessly and the tender meat melted in our mouths.  We thought overall that a little kick in the form of a splash of vinegar or sprinkling of chilli would give the ribs that finger licking excitement we crave when eating ribs but I'm sure those looking for a dish on the Level One menu that is simpler and not overdone in spices or heat will be happy with this one.

Baked Cheesecake $14

Now if you think you can get away with not having dessert here, then think again!  You need to try the creamy dreamy baked cheesecake.  It's been too long between baked cheesecakes for me (Amanda) and I'm glad this one reminded me how much I love them... if baked well!  The Level One version with sweet potato, digestive biscuits and a side of yoghurt ice cream was delicious.  The smooth and creamy texture of the cheesecake with the crumble of the biscuit ticked all my boxes.  The tartness of the yoghurt was a nice touch to break up the creaminess of the cake but I was happy polishing off that slice all on its own!

Carrot Sorbet $14

The second dessert we tried was the 'Carrot Sorbet'.  A creative play with ingredients to produce a fun looking dessert on the plate!  The carrot sorbet with a sprig of dill was on a bed of chocolate soil and smooth luscious lemon myrtle meringue.  We can't say it's a dessert we would order again.  It had a nice refreshing vibe and interesting flavour combinations but the baked cheesecake was the dessert standout here tonight and that's all we wanted more of!

We had a great night sipping on Never Never Gin, Chaffey Bros Riesling and Vinterloper Touriga Nacional wines, alongside Josh Kim's exciting and tasty new additions to the menu.  We definitely recommend a return visit to Level One to try some of our new favourite dishes in the silver beet kake udon, house made wontons, octopus and baked cheesecake, and let us know which dishes are your fave!  Check out the new menu online.

Why not take advantage of Level One's new short tasting menu 'Early Evening Dining' option. For $49pp, each diner will get a small plate, a large plate and a glass of South Australian wine. Small plate options include Korean Tong Ho Salad, Housemade Wonton, and Korean Chicken Wings, while large plate options include Silverbeet Kake Ubon, Grilled Baby Octopus, and Beef Brisket Rice Noodle. Available from Tuesday to Saturday for orders placed before 6pm - diners are welcome to eat after this time.

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