Tomiko Japanese Steakhouse - Teppanyaki by the Sea

Tomiko Japanese Steakhouse - Marina Pier, 7 Holdfast Shores, GLENELG SA 5045

Just moments from the beautiful beach along the Marina Pier at Holdfast Shores in Glenelg, you’ll find Tomiko Japanese Steakhouse - one of Adelaide’s finest Japanese Teppanyaki restaurants specialising in premium cuts of beef and the freshest seafood.

Since opening in 2011, Tomiko Japanese Steakhouse has attracted a valuable and extremely loyal customer base of locals and tourists alike, who visit time and time again for the highest quality Japanese cuisine, exceptional customer service and, of course, the beautiful location. On The Chopping Board (OTCB) was recently invited to Tomiko to experience Japanese Teppanyaki for ourselves, and we couldn’t believe we hadn’t visited sooner. All food and beverages were provided by Tomiko Japanese Steakhouse.

Sipping on a Pinot Noir

On an unseasonably chilly Summer evening in Adelaide, we (Amanda & Taylor) visited Tomiko Japanese Steakhouse extremely excited for the meal ahead. We were greeted by the very knowledgeable and friendly, Kemal the restaurant manager, and instantly warmed up as the Teppanyaki grills around the restaurant took the chill off the air.

Japanese Teppanyaki is a style of cooking that uses flat hot plates to cook food, deriving from the Japanese words ‘Teppan’, meaning iron plate, and ‘Yaki’, meaning grilled. There are many teppanyaki tables situated around Tomiko restaurant, which can be booked to have the full teppanyaki experience. However, there are also private tables in the restaurant where diners can order teppanyaki or other delicious items off the menu, which is what we did on our visit to Tomiko.

Small Sashimi Plate $25.50

We started off our meal at Tomiko with a small sashimi plate, consisting of three types of fresh sashimi grade fish - kingfish, salmon and yellow fin tuna. As seafood lovers, there's nothing quite as good as super fresh sashimi that melts in your mouth, which is exactly what we had.

Aburi Salmon with Avocado $15.50

Tomiko also have an extensive selection of hand rolled sushi (sushi maki) and sushi cones (sushi temaki) on their menu, including fresh seafood as well as chicken and vegetarian options. Kemal informed us that one of the most popular sushi roll options is their aburi salmon with avocado. This sushi roll consisted of raw salmon and avocado inside the roll, and partially grilled salmon on the outside of the roll, topped with salmon roe and dressed with a delicious sauce. This generous serve of aburi sushi had the perfect balance of smokiness from the flame-grilled salmon and freshness from the raw salmon and avocado - a true crowd pleaser!

Gyoza $17.90 

Another appetiser which was strongly recommended we try on the Tomiko menu was the house-made pan-fried pork and vegetable gyoza. We are informed that these gyoza are one of the most popular menu items, with many customers telling the chefs that they are the best dumplings they've ever had! Biting into our first crispy gyoza, we can immediately tell why they are such a popular menu item. Juicy and full of flavour, there's nothing quite like freshly made dumplings, and we will definitely be ordering these gyoza next time we are dining at Tomiko.

King Prawns Tempura $30

Tempura is another incredibly popular Japanese dish in Australia, and this dish of tempura king prawns was a real stand out for us at Tomiko. The light and airy batter, fried to perfection, was not at all oily and it was seasoned perfectly. The king prawns had obviously been treated with great care, resulting in deliciously succulent prawn meat. The tempura was served with a dashi-based dipping sauce that was perfectly balanced in flavour.

Chateaubriand $48

Our last dish of the night and main event of our meal was the Chateaubriand aged centre-cut tenderloin beef, cooked teppanyaki style and served with a trio of dipping sauces. Cut from the thickest part of the fillet steak, this cut of beef benefits greatly from being cooked teppanyaki style, as the sizzling hot plate quickly sears the outside of the cubes of beef, leaving the inside incredibly juicy, buttery and tender. We felt very lucky to be trying such a high-end cut of beef at Tomiko.

Other meat on Tomiko's menu for teppanyaki grilling includes Hibachi (aged sirloin beef), Gyuniku filet (aged beef tenderloin), Wagyu (premium quality marbled beef), as well as lobster, scallops, calamari, king prawns, salmon, Morton Bay bugs, chicken and vegetables. Alongside the Chateaubriand beef, we also had teppanyaki style mushrooms, which were the perfect accompaniment to such a high quality beef.

Teppanyaki mushrooms alongside the Chateaubriand

With a thoughtfully crafted Japanese menu including premium cuts and the freshest seafood, a warm and inviting interior and exceptional customer service, Tomiko Japanese Steakhouse delivers on all fronts and would be the perfect dining destination for family dinners and date-nights alike. Their menu consists of a la carte, as well as multiple degustation menus starting from $72 per person if you want to leave it up to the chefs for the night! We can't wait to go back and try more of their extensive menu.

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