Plus 82 Gogi Korean BBQ - The Most Fun You Will Ever Have BBQ'ing!

Plus 82 GoGi Korean BBQ - 12 Eliza Street Adelaide SA 5000

When On The Chopping Board (OTCB) was invited to Plus 82 GoGi Korean BBQ, we were excited for a number of reasons... one, who doesn't love a BBQ and a Korean BBQ at that... two, it is owned by the same owners from Plus 82 Pocha and MiMi, both venues we have had very good experiences at, and... three, kimchi! All food and beverages were provided on behalf of Plus 82 Gogi.

Ready to start the BBQ!

Located in a converted warehouse, the industrial and quirky fit out is perfect for BBQ'ing, and on this warm night we were ready to heat things up even more! We are informed that the Korean BBQ here at GoGi is all about sharing, caring and eating, and from looking at the feast spread out in front of us, we can see the importance of sharing... maybe we should have invited a few more guests to get through it all!

Spicy Noodle Salad $8

The menu is divided into sections of beef, pork, a la carte, side dishes and sets. I (Amanda) am always happy to pick the option where you have the opportunity to try a little of everything from the menu, so tonight we picked one of the 3 sets available. What's a set?  Each set includes a spicy noodle salad, a selection of meat for you to BBQ, a SSAM plate, Shake Shake Rice and a Korean ice cream. Sets are designed to be shared between a minimum of 2 people and range in price (depending on the meat you choose) from $59 to $72.

Sides Dishes & Dipping Sauces

We ordered a few additional dishes outside of the 'Set B' because, well, when in Rome, or shall we say Korea! We are kimchi obsessed, so we loved this tangy and spicy side so much so, we may have ordered a couple of serves. The pickled radish was refreshing and the perfect accompaniment for all the BBQ meat and the soy-bean stew was warming and well seasoned.

Cold Noodles with Broth $12

The cold noodles with broth was our favourite noodle dish - this one doesn't come with a set, so you will need to order this separately but we highly recommend it. It looked a little odd to me at first with the chunks of ice floating on the top and I initially thought we were in for a tasteless watery broth but it was anything but. Full of flavour, this dish had wonderful textures thanks to a variety of vegetables, a thin noodle with good chew and a yummy boiled egg on top.

SSAM Plate $7

The SSAM plate is designed for you to grab a lettuce leaf, add some of the BBQ meat, then one of the 3 sauces provided and a selection of the provided accompaniments on the SSAM plate, roll up and enjoy. It's a fun and tasty way to enjoy the BBQ meat, adding freshness and a some nutritional balance.

Beef Brisket ready for the BBQ

Onto the BBQ'ing! We selected 'Set B' ($70), which included the beef brisket, marinated beef ribs and spicy pork. The beef brisket above is sliced superbly thin and the slices long, so scissors are also provided so you can cut the brisket to size before placing on the BBQ grill.  As it is paper thin, the brisket cooks very quickly, which is great when you're hungry but you will need to keep your eye on it so you don't overcook it and set off the smoke alarm! Lucky for us the GoGi staff were keeping a close eye on us and were only too happy to jump in when they saw the beginners (us!) starting to falter!

Marinated Beef Ribs (back) & Spicy Pork (front)

The marinated beef ribs and spicy pork come half cooked to speed up the cooking time, so you can spend less time cooking and more time eating! Now we're talking! Both these marinated meats were tender, full of flavour and just delicious with the SSAM plate. We were very happy with our Set B choice of meats and would order it again.

Shake Shake Rice $9

Another way to enjoy the BBQ meats is with the Shake Shake Rice. I don't think we ever had so much fun eating rice before! A gold tin filled with the rice, kimchi and a fried egg, is used as a base to add in small pieces of whatever BBQ meat we chose, popped the lid on and we proceeded to shake shake shake the rice, until we all had a turn around the table. GoGi love this and encourage you to get up off your chair and really get into the fun of the shake shake rice.

Plus 82 GoGi Korean BBQ really is an awesome place to visit. The food is delicious, the experience is fun and interactive and the service is next to none. The staff at GoGi are more than happy to explain the process, the Korean terms and where and how the dishes came about, so you not only leave feeling satisfying full but full of new knowledge about Korean food and culture.

Plus 82 GoGi is open every day for dinner, except Tuesdays, and it does book out, so make sure you get your booking in early.

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