Beach Bum Brighton - Aloha to Hawaiian-style fusion food in Brighton

Beach Bum Brighton - 406 Brighton Road, HOVE SA 5048

After causing a stir with their unique and delicious fusion of Japanese, Hawaiian and Mexican cuisine in their North Adelaide kiosk, Beach Bum have expanded to set up a larger frontage on Brighton Road in the southern suburb of Hove. We visited the oceanic locale recently to taste their new Autumn menu at the invitation of their head chef Nathan Liu.

Coconut Bomb Cocktail $15

The long wooden benches and tropical decor of the restaurant give the venue an outside-in, resort-style mood. While it’s not a place to come to while still kicking sand off your shoes, there is definitely a family-friendly, relaxed atmosphere, which immediately puts you at ease. Keen to indulge in their offered pretense that I am stepping in from a summer holiday, rather than a busy work week, I (Dani) lounge back in my seat and sip on a refreshing Coconut Bomb cocktail, which has a fruity mango tang and warming sweetness from a generous dash of coconut rum.

Japanese Cowboy $18.80

As big fan of fried chicken in all its marvelous forms, I’m excited to see the Japanese Cowboy, Beach Bum’s Japanese fried chicken is the first dish we get to enjoy. The succulent and tender meat is available to order as either wings or thighs and both are coated in a crackly crisp golden coating. Though the chicken itself is intensely flavourful thanks to a pre-fry marinade which beautifully balances between savoury and sweet notes, there are also soy and ginger or hot and spicy dipping sauces, which add an extra sticky-sweet pop to each bite.

Diamond Head Dip

An architectural abstraction of chilli edged tortilla chips guards the central core of the Diamond Head Dip. As we pull apart the crunchy triangles they reveal a base of creamy, umami-rich miso hummus topped with eggplant and king oyster mushrooms which have been pan fried in a thick black bean sauce. Though pomegranate seeds and herbs helped to freshen up the flavour profile, I felt that this dish could have benefited from a touch of citrus or acid to cut through the richness of the base.

Chargrilled Octopus $28.90

Octopus is a dish which is quite easily overcooked and I warily sink my teeth into a portion of the Chargrilled Octopus tentacle with a hesitant anticipation. I’m pleasantly surprised - tender and delicately seasoned with basil oil and bonito flakes, the sweet white meat has been cooked to a perfect texture. A homemade kewpie tartare sauce is rich with umami flavour and textural crunch and a squeeze of charred lemon adds a delightful tang to each mouthful. This was definitely my favourite of the evening.

Mexican Beach Balls $19.90

A waft of savoury scent arrives at our table just before the oven warmed Beach Balls follow. The veal and pork meatballs are moist and tender. They have been simmered in a richly spiced habanero tomato sauce and cut apart easily with just the gentle press of a fork’s edge. A gooey layer of cheese hides beneath the sauce’s surface and the lashing of sour cream helps to balance out the acidity of the tomato, while a sprinkling of coriander and tomato salsa adds an extra layer of bright flavour to the dish, in addition to creating an attractive garnish.

Salmon Aburi $23.90

The Salmon Aburi comes to the table fresh from under the blow torch, which has partially grilled the tender fish fillets. The salmon is rich with a smokey and creamy flavour under a sweet-salty teriyaki glaze. Despite looking delicate there is a deceptive heartiness to this dish, with a generous helping of lightly seasoned sushi rice hiding under the salmon fillets. A zesty green mix of salad leaves and chilli adds an eye catching verdancy and lightens the dish nicely.

Aburi Salmon (left) Mexican Style Black Beans (right)

A warming black bean, pork belly and squid stew, the Mexican Style Black Beans, was a sumptuous option provided from the specials board. The deeply savoury spiced pulses, heavy with garlic, onions and peppers, carried the meaty flavours of the pork well. The dish is a perfect option as we transition into the cooler months.

Fire Rock Pale Ale $11
Hanalei Island IPA $11

From the extensive drinks menu we chose to treat ourselves to some Hawaiian-made Kona Brewing Co beers. The Fire Rock Pale Ale had pronounced grapefruit and pine notes which gave it’s light body a crisp spiciness and the Hanalei Island IPA offered a sessionable tropical blend of guava, orange and passionfruit supported by a coppery bitterness.

If you’re looking for a fun dining experience in the Brighton area, Beach Bum is worth a visit. Their relaxed atmosphere is perfect for experiencing their refreshingly unique, internationally inspired menu, which is a refreshing change for the palate.

They are open for lunch from 12pm on Fridays, Saturdays and Sunday or for dinner Wednesday to Sunday from 5pm.

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