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Le Soup - Shop 6 Northpark, 264 Main North Rd, Prospect SA 5082

There’s nothing better than unexpectedly finding a real hidden gem. If you’ve ever traveled through Asia you may have enjoyed the thrill of the local street markets, where a well-seasoned wok or glass fronted stall unexpectedly contained the most delicious and authentic version of a curry, skewer or dumpling you had ever experienced. 

As we walked through the sliding glass frontage of Northpark Shopping Centre I (Dani) must admit I was not expecting much. The familiar square shop fronts and generic Coles checkouts suggested nothing more than an average consumer experience of a quick grocery shop and maybe a passable cup of coffee. But to the right of Coles, a small restaurant, Le Soup, has been set up which releases tantalising scents of aromatic broth across the plain polished floors. 

Le Soup

Le Soup's unassuming frontage opens into a long dining area leading to an internal window, which offers curious diners the chance to watch the chef in action. Owners Michael and Truc’s passion for quality is evident in their offerings. All ingredients are prepared in house, with the exception of the crisp banh mi baguettes, which are ordered fresh daily. The menu has a familiar selection of Vietnamese classics such as banh mi, pho, com tam and cold rolls, however no MSG is used in any dish, the spices are toasted in house and the beef rump is sous vide overnight. Even the crockery the food is presented on is surprisingly high quality and glazed in strong blacks and oceanic blues.

Prawn Cold Rolls $6 for two

We begin our feast (all food and drinks were provided on behalf of Le Soup) with some Prawn Cold Rolls. They are beautifully rolled (a feat I always find impressive after several misshapen homemade attempts), with a line of vivid orange prawns resting on top of a well measured mix of rice noodles, cucumber, carrot, iceberg lettuce and herbs. A small dish at the side of the plate contains one of the best cold roll dipping sauces I’ve had the pleasure of trying. It is warm, creamy and has just enough tang to cut through the sweetness. I have no shame in admitting that our dipping became more of a dunking once we realised how delicious it was.

Roasted Pork Belly Bun Bowl $13.50

When we asked for a recommendation from the extensive menu we were emphatically encouraged to try the roast pork. We order it on a bun bowl and it spills across the noodles in thickly sliced pieces. The pork meat has been slow cooked to perfection and each slice is topped with a crunchy square of salty pork crackling. The dressing manages to find a brilliant balance between tangy acidity and smooth oil and the salad is crisp and fresh.

SV Rump Pho $13 Reg or $15 Lrg

SV for sous vide - the rump steak in Le Soup’s pho is sealed and slowly cooked in a water bath until it is moist, juicy and tender. The broth is deeply savoury and gently spiced and slippery rice noodles hide beneath the thin slices of rump. The pho is served with sprigs of fresh herbs, a handful of bean sprouts and slice of lime, which add a textural complexity and zest when stirred through the piping hot soup.

Lemongrass Chicken Com Tam $14

We tuck into our last dish, the Lemongrass Chicken Com Tam, after pouring over some more of Le Soup’s tastebud tingling dressing. The chicken is crisp along the edges with caramelised lemongrass and soy, but the meat itself is meltingly tender. The traditional broken rice is soft, but not mushy, and pickled slices of radish and carrot add a nice crunch to the side salad.

Each dish we tried was a very generous serving and the venue itself was spotlessly clean. Le Soup has found a happy medium between high quality, authentic flavours and modern plating and comfort, and it is definitely worth the drive up/down Main North Road to try it for yourself.

Le Soup is open Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday and Friday from 7am until 5pm, and Thursday from 7am until 8:30pm.


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