Sean's Kitchen - Oyster Festival 2019

Sean's Kitchen - SKYCITY Casino, North Terrace, Adelaide SA 5000

After starting 2019 with a visit to Coffin Bay, the source of some of the world’s best oysters, we were very excited to experience what the talented team at Sean’s Kitchen at the Adelaide Casino, had created for their annual Oyster Festival menu in 2019. We visited this week to try their creative collection of internationally inspired seafood dishes.

Local SA Oysters ($4 each)

Though Coffin Bay oysters are arguably one of the world’s most famous oysters, Sean’s offers the chance to try some other deliciously noteworthy contenders, which are all sourced from South Australian farms. After slurping up some freshly-shucked Coffin Bay samples ‘au naturale’, we used the delicate dropper bottles of Chardonnay and Shiraz based vinegars to flavour some Smoky Bay and Cowell varieties. The sharp tang of vinegar contrasted nicely with the creamy richness of the shellfish’s protein, however the oysters were so fresh and sweet on their own that it almost seemed a shame to add anything to their simple perfection.

In August, from Monday to Friday, 12pm-1pm and 5pm-6pm; Sean’s Kitchen will be offering oysters for just $2 a pop. Now I know they are this good I will definitely be popping by for a seafood inspired happy hour!

Oyster Po Boy ($18)

Sean’s Kitchen has taken this traditional Louisiana sandwich to a whole new level. Freshly shucked oysters have been southern fried to golden perfection and stuffed into a buttery brioche bun. Smothered in a creamy, herbaceous green goddess dressing and sprinkled with crunchy jalapeno, tomato, onion and cucumber salsa, these heavenly creations come two to a serve, but are difficult to share! Each bite is a wonderful blend of meltingly soft brioche, crisp salty oyster and silky aromatic dressing, with the tangy salsa cutting through the richness with a welcome sharpness.

Smoked Oysters ($22)

This sophisticated, Scandinavian inspired starter was beautifully presented on a large white plate amidst swirls of delicate oils. The rye toast was sliced thinly enough to keep the dish light, but still had enough structure to carry it’s moreish topping from plate to mouth. The briny, smokiness of the oysters danced with the creamy warmth of the horseradish cream and small pops of intense flavour from the capers and shallots helped to elevate the palate and brighten the dish nicely.

Beer Battered Oysters ($18)

A surprisingly light beer batter surrounded delicate morsels of perfectly cooked oyster. The beer added a light malty quality and the edges had been cooked to a crisp finish. Sticking to a classic ‘fish & chips’ theme, the oysters had been arranged on a bed of bright mashed peas and sprinkled with small crunchy pieces of extra batter. The touch of malt vinegar in the tender, sweet mash helped to break through the oils of the batter, though a little extra acid or citrus would have really perfected the dish.

Oyster & Leek Chowder $18

I was a little confused by this dish. Having always been a huge fan of chowder, I was honestly a little disappointed when the promised stew arrived in the form of a verdant green soup. The duck fat chips were cooked to golden perfection, however once our server had poured over the chowder in the suggested serving manner they absorbed the liquid and lost a lot of their original texture. The ‘chowder’ itself tasted lovely, with a gentle brine from the oysters and sweetness from the leeks, but the plating, ease of eating and liquid nature of this dish sadly let it down.

Beef Tartare $22

Sean's has given this classic, high end dish an oceanic makeover. After we enjoyed the delicately fried oyster beignet garnishing its peak, we found that the savoury, briny undertones of oyster mixed well with the sweetness of uncooked beef. The crunchy toast and crisp lettuce it was served with acted as a good canvas for the tartare’s buttery texture and a subtle vinaigrette tied everything together.

Carpet bag steak $56

Another culinary classic, this luxurious ‘surf & turf’ dish’s fragrant, savory aromas were absolutely mouth watering. 200 grams of quality Grasslands tenderloin was been stuffed with oysters and wrapped in prosciutto. It had then been seared to caramelised the crust before being oven roasted to medium-well. The saltiness of prosciutto penetrated the umami of the meat and sweetness of the seafood, while herbed Cafe de Paris butter and a refined jus melt into the succulent meat. A bed of tender green kale soaked up the escaping juices. The portion size was well judged, with enough of the dish to satiate and savor without overwhelming you with richness.

Joseph 'd'Elena' Pinot Grigio at Sean's

Sean’s Oyster Festival menu will be available for the rest of August. Their proximity to the Adelaide Festival Centre and small bars of the west end also makes them a perfect option for starting your evening on a high note, so start your ‘happy hour’ a little differently this month and pop in for a taste of some of SA’s best seafood and service.


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