RoccoPizza - Affordable artisanal pizzas hidden in the western suburbs

RoccoPizza - 336 Findon Rd, Kidman Park SA 5025

Unassumingly situated along a quieter stretch of Findon Road in Kidman Park, is a pizza restaurant which may not be on your radar. We walk in past the large outdoor cafeteria-style tables outside to be greeted warmly by a bustling crew of smiling kitchen staff. A large custom-made wood oven glows from the corner of the space and the open preparation space offers views of orders at various stages of completion. Owner Rocco DeAngelis hails us with enthusiasm and a sample of his incredible bread from the front counter. After nearly two decades of international travels, Rocco has refined his considerable culinary knowledge into the creation of what he claims to be the perfect pizza, and he has invited us to come and try it.
Rocco Pizza
His passion is evident not just in his charming and congenial manner, but also in his techniques. With a wife who suffers from gluten intolerance and a young son who is confronted by a fast food based world daily, Rocco is personally aware of the importance of dietary friendly and nutritious menu options. His sourdough bases are free from oil, sugar and yeast and fermented naturally for three days before they are served from the restaurant. This 72 hour proof breaks down the majority of gluten and sugars present in the wheat-based flour, to the point where Rocco has found that many people with gluten sensitivities are unaffected by his end product. Rocco also reduces the overall gluten content by using gluten free polenta, rather than fresh flour, when flattening the dough into the pizza base.

Rocco's bases - prepped and ready to go
The pizza menu at RoccoPizza has remained largely unchanged since they first opened. Classic Italian toppings in both vegetarian and meat based formats are offered (no pineapple shall sully Rocco’s creations). Rocco is happy to collaborate with his customers to ensure that the toppings are as friendly to their dietary requirements as his bases, and will happily substitute or create a entirely new option based on their desires or restrictions. Rocco provides us with expert guidance as we struggle to make a selection from all the delicious options listed and we grab a seat while we wait for the guys in the kitchen to work their magic. 

At 400 degrees Rocco’s oven makes quick work of cooking the pizzas, taking only 3 minutes to cook each one. The indoor seating at Rocco’s is spacious and family friendly. Tables of 10+ people can be booked ahead of time and all of Rocco’s menu can be requested as take-away. There is also no corkage if you would like to bring in a bottle of your own wine or another beverage of choice to enjoy with your meal.

Atomica $19.99 (with house pork & fennel salsiccia added)
Despite the delectable aroma and appearance of the toppings, the first thing you notice about Rocco’s pizza is its base. Unlike a lot of the thicker, fluffier Naples style pizzas currently available around Adelaide, Rocco’s pizzas are Roman style - thin and crispy. This crisp crunch has not been achieved by overbaking either – when you bite in the base is still chewy and malleable, with just enough structure to support the weight of the toppings on each slice's journey from table to mouth.

Under it’s fresh rocket coating, the Atomica is layers of hot soppressa salami, gooey fior di latte mozzarella, oven-roasted red peppers, a mascarpone-gorgonzola crema and SA black olives. My dining partner could best be described as ‘carnivorous’, and was very excited to be given the option of adding a pork & fennel salsiccia (sausage) (made to Rocco’s secret recipe by the butcher down the road) to the Mediterranean medley. Though the meats and cheeses are quite rich; the manageable spice, textural rocket and piquant juiciness of the olives create a very well-rounded palate.

Pollo e Pesto $18.99 (with garlic parsley prawns added)
The Pollo e Pesto pops with color and herbaceous wafts of scent. The sous vide chicken thigh is exceptionally tender after it’s white wine marinade and the earthy house-made basil pesto and oven roasted red peppers are intensely flavoursome. We chose to add garlic parsley prawns, which are plump and juicy. A scattering of baby spinach and fior di latte mozzarella freshen the dish.

Funghi $15.99
A crusty polenta-clad base arrives supporting the weight of a moreish, melting blend of mushrooms and cheeses. Fresh mushrooms have been marinated in garlic, parsley and extra virgin olive oil before being oven roasted and their rich umami flavor is intensified by the nutty toasted parmesan. A thick gooey layer of fior di latte mozzarella melts across my tongue with every bite and as an enthusiastic cheese lover, I can say that Rocco and his team know how to serve formaggio at it’s best.

Dark Belgian Chocolate & Messy Berries $15.99 (with the optional Nutella topping added)
Despite having a sweet tooth, I’ve never been much of a dessert pizza fan. Pizza is a savoury dish in my mind and I wouldn’t want to potentially miss out on a tiramisu… As I make my way through my second piece of Rocco’s dessert pizza I can see that this perspective will need adjusting. The dark Belgian chocolate and roasted berries have enough bitterness and tartness respectively to balance out the natural sugars. Rocco’s crisp crust is a perfect savoury medley with the delicate saccharinity and the dusting of powdered sugar draws the dish together prettily. If you do prefer to amp up your sweetness, we suggest adding the optional Nutella drizzle which melts into the dish and is rather enjoyable to lick off fingers afterwards.

If you’re in the neighbourhood and looking for a reasonably healthy sit down meal or speedy take-away option for dinner (Henley and Grange beaches are only a 10 minute drive away), Rocco’s artisanal pizzas are a perfect family and budget friendly option.

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