Quick Chop - New salad menu at Recess

Recess - 21 Bank Street, Adelaide SA 5000

The thoroughfare of Bank Street, connecting the foot traffic of the Adelaide Railway Station and North Terrace to Hindley Street and the extended CBD, is a stretch many of us have commuted up and down. With the Adelaide Fringe encouraging late nights out and less meal prep, your morning or lunchtime journey through this area may currently be in search of something quick and convenient to pick up and take away to eat in the sunshine or back at your desk on a particularly busy day.

Recess storefront on Bank Street

Shaun Campbell and Simon Orders, the co-founders of popular bar Bank Street Social, saw the need for tastier and healthier options along a strip hosting a high volume of fast food establishments and  as a result, opened Recess in late 2019. Their menu offers a range of gastronomic delights in the form of salads and ‘sangas’, which are full of enough veggies to help you feel good about your life choices, but also enough fresh flavours and cheesy goodness to satisfy those with more discerning palates. We were recently invited to take a seat at one of their storefront cafĂ© tables to try their new summer salad menu in the midday sunshine.

Balsamic-grilled peach w. mozzarella, basil and grains $12 (we added the prosciutto for $3)

Ripe, juicy peach slices have a gorgeous zebra pattern from the grill which caramelises their natural sugars against the soft flesh. Their sweetness contrasts delightfully with the salty prosciutto and creamy mozzarella, resulting in a complex and vibrant palate, which is invigorated by additional bursts of flavour and texture thanks to a sprinkling of almonds and goji berries.

Orecchiette pasta, greens, chilli and pecorino $12 (option to add prosciutto for $3)

If you’re looking for a healthy option, don’t let the pasta nomenclature dissuade you from this dish. The density of the perfectly cooked pasta is lightened by delicate florets of blanched broccoli beneath its webbing of melting cheese. Pops of lemon, chilli and basil cut through the richness of the creamy dressing. Perfect for fromage fanatics or if you want some carbs, but not the usual feeling of needing a nap afterwards!

Roast cauliflower, baba ghanoush, pomegranate and flat bread $12 (option to add chicken for $3)

Velvety baba ghanoush weaves its smoky tones around the sweetness of the roasted cauliflower. Recess cleverly plays with textures, adding more eggplant and cauliflower in the form of thinly sliced strips and a fine dice respectively. The flat bread is still warm from the grill and is perfect for facilitating each pomegranate bejeweled mouthful from plate to eagerly waiting mouth.

Pearl couscous, tomato, cucumber, mint and feta $12 (option to add chicken for $3)

Light and bright – this dish radiates summer. The couscous has a defined structure which delightfully melts away to a soft creaminess after the first couple of chews. With cool flavours of mint and cucumber, an array of ruby-toned cherry tomatoes and salty chunks of feta, this is a perfect light lunch.

Recess offers a very affordable, restaurant-like experience from their tiny 16 square metre frontage. It is perfect for those tired of the standard sushi or pho quick fixes which predominantly make up the more nutritious choices in this part of the CBD and is wonderfully easy to pick up quickly if you have to stay on the move. I’ll (Dani) definitely be back for their divine orecchiette and am very excited to see what seasonal selections will be served up in future.


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