Artusi by Night, Gnoccheria - Gnocchi Made Fresh to Order

Artusi by Night, Gnoccheria - 150a King William Road, HYDE PARK SA 5061

Opening in June 2020 after the infamous COVID-19 delayed the gnoccheria's opening, Artusi by Night, is now happily rolling out freshly made gnocchi for all of Adelaide's gnocchi loving fans. Arriving to our Wednesday night booking, I (Amanda) was pleased to see the beautifully decorated restaurant buzzing and full of diners. Seated by the window on a high table with bar stools (they have cushioned seats with a small back, so you can still enjoy your dinner comfortably) we take in the fresh, new and modern surroundings and peruse the wine menu.  

Josef Chromy Pinot Noir $14 & The Lane Pinot Gris $10

Artusi is taking a different approach with their wine list by deciding to showcase a different winery for 8 weeks at a time. "First off the block" is The Lane Vineyard located in the Adelaide Hills, which is a great first feature winery with so many wine varietals on offer including a sparkling, sauvignon blanc, shiraz, merlot among many more. To begin our night we chose The Lane's Block 2 Pinot Gris and unfortunately because The Lane's Pinot Noir recently went out of vintage it was substituted with a Josef Chromy Pinot Noir. Both easy drinking and delicious wines to sip on while watching the gnocchi master at the dedicated gnocchi bar, hand make the gnocchi fresh to order. 

Pumpkin Gnocchi $23

We picked two gnocchi dishes from the menu to share. First up the pumpkin gnocchi with ricotta, sage, nut butter and lemon. We absolutely loved this dish! The pumpkin gnocchi had a silky smooth texture and was coated with the moreish nut butter (we wouldn't have minded if there was even more nut butter!), crispy sage, subtle acidity of the lemon and delectable ricotta, was a well balanced and delicious dish.

Beef Cheek Ragu Gnocchi $25

Balancing out our pick of the vegetarian gnocchi, we decided to choose a meat filled beef cheek ragu gnocchi. The potato gnocchi was even softer and more delicate than the pumpkin gnocchi but still held its own with the generous serve of rich meaty ragu. Perfectly satisfying on this cool winter night! The basil leaves scattered atop added a lovely touch of sweet freshness.

Green Salad $10

To accompany our gnocchi we chose a side of green beans and broccolini with a pumpkin puree and nut crumb. Yum! This dish was so good. The vegetables retained their vibrant colour and had a perfect fresh crunch which was combined with the creamy sweetness of the pumpkin puree and texture from the nut crumb. This combination made for one of the tastiest vegetable side dishes I've had.

Cocktails - Cherry Blossom Sour $20 (left) & David Byrnin' Down The House $22 (right)

After dinner we decided to relax and chat over a couple of cocktails. With a large variety to choose from, we let the bar staff surprise us and we were presented with the 'David Byrnin' Down The House' and the 'Cherry Blossom Sour'. Go with the 'David Byrnin' Down The House' with Cazadores Reposado, De Kuyper Triple Sec, lime juice, sugar syrup, chilli and fresh orange if you like a bit of heat in your refreshing cocktail, or the 'Cherry Blossom Sour' with Grey Goose Citron, lemon juice, egg white and cherry blossom syrup if you love a good fruit based silky smooth sour.

Chocolate Mousse $14

To finish, we shared all the desserts on the menu (lucky there were only two!). The chocolate mousse with hazelnut praline and burnt orange curd was also supposed to have honeycomb on the plate but unfortunately they were all out of honeycomb on the night this honeycomb lover visited. Luckily the chocolate mousse was superbly smooth with a level of chocolate that was perfect for my palate, with the hazelnut praline adding a delicious sticky crunch.  

Honey Roasted Pear Tarte Tatin $12

I love a good Tarte Tatin especially in winter and this honey roasted pear version sitting atop a creme anglaise and topped with a nut crumble was lovely. I was happy the pastry remained crispy floating in the light and silky anglaise. The nut crumble added a great textural element and while my spoon cut through the perfectly cooked pear beautifully I would have loved the pear to have a deeper caramelisation on top to bring out the buttery creaminess I love about a Tarte Tatin.

We had a superb evening at Artusi by Night indulging in hand made fresh to order gnocchi, local wines, chic cocktails and delicious desserts, all enjoyed in stunning and comfy surroundings. Get your gnocchi fix Wednesday through to Saturday nights and I would recommend booking as it was completely full on the Wednesday night that I visited. 


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