Plus 82 MiMi - Korean Tapas

MiMi - 50 Sturt Street, Adelaide SA 5000

When MiMi opened it’s doors in 2018, head chef Napachama Hongsakaola was challenging Adelaide’s perception of Thai food by bringing us traditional Thai flavours with a modern twist, and then throwing Korean flavours into the mix creating a fusion menu that was exciting and unexpected. MiMi’s Thai-Korean fusion menu was filled with delicious dishes that we had the pleasure of devouring time (The New Thai on the Block) and time again (A Very Very Good Chef's Special Selection), so we (Amanda and Taylor) had no doubt this visit would live up to past experiences. 

During the COVID-19 lockdown when dining restrictions were placed on the hospitality industry, the team at MiMi decided to close it’s doors and reflect on their direction as a restaurant. With no better time to make changes than during the lockdown, the MiMi team decided to focus on their strengths. With two of Adelaide’s most popular Korean restaurants, Plus 82 POCHA and Plus 82 GoGi, under their belt, a new Korean menu and direction was curated for the restaurant.  

Head chef and co-owner Napachama Hongsakaola, is still leading the kitchen behind MiMi, but is now joined by former sous chef at Plus 82 POCHA, Donghwa Park. With Hongsakaola, Park brings traditional Korean recipes with a fresh take, best described as 'Korean Tapas' by the team.  

Kimchi Arancini (3pc) $9

The crazed kimchi fans that we are, we started our Korean Tapas feast with the fried kimchi rice balls with aioli and nori. This Korean take on an Italian arancini encapsulated the satisfying contrast between the super crunchy outer and soft and fluffy inner. The distinct kimchi flavour and kick of heat throughout the rice ball was softened and balanced nicely with the creamy aioli. A tasty and exciting start to our meal. 

Kimchi Jijimi (Korean pancake) $8

As fans of the kimchi pancake at Plus 82 Pocha, we were intrigued to try MiMi's North Korean style kimchi pancake served with a soy vinaigrette. This smaller, tapas sized pancake had a ridiculously crispy outer, and a soft, slightly gooey kimchi-packed interior, just as a good kimchi pancake should. A perfect size to demolish alone or share between two, this kimchi pancake should be a must on your table at MiMi.   

Festival Jeon $14
We were intrigued by the sound of the Festival Jeon, listed under the 'medium' sized dishes on the menu. As explained to us by Steven (co-owner of MiMi), this is a traditional Korean dish served at special celebrations, such as Korean New Year. The pan-fried fish fillet with zucchini and enoki, was served with a sesame soy dipping sauce. 

The egg-based batter coating the fish, zucchini and enoki was light, delicate and unlike anything we had tried before. Dipping them into the sesame soy sauce livened up each beautiful bite providing some umami to the dish, however if a dominant egg flavour is not your preference, then this might not be the dish for you. 

Bossam Wrap 'Mi' Up $24

We enjoy a little DIY dish from time to time, so we decided to try the Bossam Wrap 'Mi' Up offering under the 'large' section of MiMi's menu. Braised pork belly served with fresh lettuce, ssamjang (spicy dipping sauce), kimchi and house made pickled vegetables, this dish had all the elements to make your own lettuce wraps. Placing a slice of tender pork belly in a lettuce cup, selecting your pickle of choice and topped off with the spicy ssamjang, the completed wrap is a light, fresh and fun dish to devour. Each wrap can take on a whole new flavour profile depending on the pickle of choice or if you decide to hold the ssamjang on one of your wraps.  

Korean Fried Chicken (half serve)

If Korean Fried Chicken (KFC) is on the menu, then you have to order it, right?! We succumbed to our weakness for KFC by ordering a half serve to ensure we still had room to try a good variety of new dishes on the MiMi menu. Just like Plus 82 POCHA, MiMi's KFC is delicious! The boneless chicken's crispy (and non-oily) exterior protects the meat perfectly ensuring a juicy and tender chicken within. With house made pickles on the side and a variety of sauces to choose from including the spicy devil BBQ sauce, Yuzu garlic soy sauce and sweet chilli sauce, you will be wondering why you didn't just go the full serve!

With the perfect combination of traditional and modern Korean dishes, MiMi’s new menu is divided into small, medium and large dishes offering something new to the restaurant group's existing Korean offering. Our hardest decision now, is deciding which venue to return to first!  

We thoroughly enjoyed the tapas style menu at MiMi, as it allowed us to order a large variety of dishes to share amongst the table, keeping our palates eager and excited along the way. With dining restrictions continuing to lift in Adelaide, MiMi should definitely be on your (no doubt very long) list of restaurants to get to!


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