Crudo Cafe in the Adelaide CBD

 Crudo Cafe - 142 North Terrace, ADELAIDE SA 5000

You may have come across Crudo before, either by visiting their venue on South Road or grabbing a ready made salad at your local supermarket but now Crudo has opened their latest venture, a cafe in the Adelaide CBD.  We were lucky to be invited to the breakfast and lunch venue, which is open 7 days a week and conveniently located on North Terrace.  All food and beverages were provided on behalf of Crudo. 

Escaping the office with my fellow work buddy for lunch, we were keen to discover what Crudo had to offer and hoped Crudo could be added to our reliable list of places to grab breakfast or lunch on our working days in the city. We like to have the option of easily taking our meal back to the office to scoff down at our desk or on some days, take a longer break and dine in to soak in some ambience more exciting than our office's four walls. 

Lunch is served!

Upon arrival, we were greeted by a light, bright and spacious interior. The long counter provided a great view of all the fresh produce, delivered fresh from their farmers every morning and above, the large screens showcased the variety of "on the grill" salads and bowls to choose from including vegetarian and gluten free options.  It was a tough decision with so many contenders but on this occasion we decided to try the Jerk Chicken and the Harvest Bowl. 

Jerk Chicken $17.60

We started with the Jerk Chicken.  The menu outlined that it contains 528 calories, which may be handy for counting calorie enthusiasts.  The generous sized bowl is full with mixed greens, diced red capsicum, sweetcorn, diced cucumber, a wedge of avocado, a decent sized breast of grilled jerk chicken, a long wedge of pineapple, a sweet chilli dressing and slice of fresh lime. 

We enjoyed this chicken salad bowl for its various ingredients, pop of heat in the dressing, tangy sweetness from the pineapple and the tender well spiced chicken.  The only thing we would have preferred was if the capsicum and cucumber were served sliced slightly larger as we found the small cubed vegetables got buried by the abundance of greens and was a little tricky to scoop up and enjoy with the rest of the salad.  

Harvest Bowl $15.75

We were already a little full after sharing the Jerk Chicken bowl but began on our vegetarian option, the Harvest bowl. This one is 770 calories and consisted of mixed greens, cubes of roasted gold sweet potato, Moroccan couscous mixed with tiny cubes of beetroot, strips of roasted red capsicum, steamed broccoli, shaved parmesan and a tahini lemon dressing on the side. 

This was our favourite of the two salads if we had to pick, which surprised us being the carnivores that we are!  The Moroccan couscous was full of flavour with the addition of the beetroot cubed throughout colouring the pearls of couscous beautifully red. My work friend absolutely loved the steamed broccoli to the point she has been telling everyone it was the "best broccoli" she's had in a salad due to the florets being perfectly cooked - not undercooked and crunchy and not overcooked and limp, just right!  The creamy and slightly acidic tahini lemon dressing was also a highlight, which we were carefully scraping out of the serving dish to make sure we didn't waste one tasty drop.

Strawberry Meadows (left) & Immune Booster (right) Fresh Juices $7.50 each

To keep us hydrated we decided to try two of the five fresh juices available on the menu.  I selected the Immune Booster, which was made from lemon, ginger, orange and carrot.  I tend to be drawn to this juice combination due to the fresh, tart and sweet flavours it produces.  It was the delicious booster I needed to get through the rest of my working day.

My work friend enjoyed the refreshing and pretty colour of the Strawberry Meadows juice, which was filled with strawberries, lychee, pineapple and apple. The juices are generously sized for the price and are served in fun glassware with paper straws. 

Crudo has a great selection of salads, fresh juices, smoothie bowls, coffee and breakfast dishes including vegetarian and gluten free options. Their aim is to make healthier eating an easier option and from our visit today we agree they do achieve this with so many nutritious and delicious options on their menu that you can enjoy by dining in or to takeaway anytime throughout your day. A great option for nearby workers, uni students or shoppers in the mall to stop in for a refuel!


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