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The Chopping Board - Hiyayakko


Sardines by Africola's Duncan Welgemoed
Japanese Savoury Pancakes (Okonomiyaki)
Japanese Fried Chicken (Chicken Karaage)
Agedashi Tofu
Japanese Chilled Tofu - Hiyayakko
Smoked Salmon in Japanese Yuzu and Shiso Dressing
Smoked Salmon and Japanese Potato Salad Sushi


Balsamic Seared Kangaroo with Fennel, Beetroot and Herb Salad
Caffe e Cucina's Gnocchi
Japanese Cold Noodles (Hiyashi-chuka)
Japanese Chicken and Egg on rice (Oyakodon)
Dumplings / Gyoza
Roast Pork Belly
Japanese marinade for BBQ - Yakiniku 
Miguel's Paella a la Maestre
Spatchcocked Chicken with Risotto and Sage Jus


Japanese Chilled Cheesecake
Japanese Sponge Cake (Kasutera)
Sean's Strawberry Panna Cotta
Oxfam Fair Recipe - Matthew Evans - Chocolate Truffle Cake
Oxfam Fair Recipe - Janella Purcell - Hazelnut and Coffee Chocolate Cups
Buttermilk Panna Cotta with Berry Compote


Chia and coconut Pudding
Mixed berry Sorbet
Kale Chips
Tofu burgers with roasted capsicum mayonnaise

Healthy Eats

Amanda's Green Smoothie
Amanda's Acai Bowl
Almond Breeze Peanut Butter Quinoa Bars
Almond Breeze Banana Bread


Cadbury Crunchy Milk Chocolate Easter Egg Nests
Cadbury English Trifle - Italian Style (Zuppa Inglese)


Dan Murphy's Summer 2017 Cocktail Recipe - Apple Knocker
Dan Murphy's Summer 2017 Cocktail Recipe - Pisco Sour
Dan Murphy's Summer 2016 Cocktail Recipe - Elderflower Fizz
Dan Murphy's Summer 2016 Cocktail Recipe - Whiskey Smash 
Dan Murphy's Summer 2016 Cocktail Recipe - Pimm's Cup
Dan Murphy's Summer 2016 Cocktail Recipe - Cuba Libre
Dan Murphy's Summer 2016 Cocktail Recipe - Moscow Mule
World Whisky Day - Whisky Cocktails - Manhattan

Hot Drinks

Turmeric Matcha Coconut Latte
Matcha Coconut Latte

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Kato said...

Hi, can you post a recipe for okonomiyaki? I would love to try making it at home. Thanks!

On The Chopping Board said...

Hi Kato
Thanks for your suggestion, in fact that was already lined up! it was just natural to have that after Takoyaki.


Unknown said...

I would love the recipes for congee (Chinese rice porridge) and Tamagoyaki (Japanese omelette)!

Anonymous said...

I too would be interested in Congee thanks

Anonymous said...

We had a delicious lunch at Sean's kitchen on Friday. We particularly loved the heirloom tomato and strawberry salad. I would love to be able to make it at home for my family. Would you please share the recipe?

Anonymous said...

Fantastic blog! Vietnamese families in Adelaide are great with barbecue pork chops marinated with lemon grass and fish sauce. A recipe would be very welcome, thanks!

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