These little balls of delight need no introduction.  If you've ever been to Japan, a Japanese restaurant, or any Japanese festival, you're sure to have seen lots of people holding a plate with these golden balls of goodness.

There's really no secret to making these, you just need a Takoyaki maker (they are rebranded as dutch pancake makers in Australia) - similar to these http://www.ebay.com.au/bhp/dutch-pancake-maker or even available at Kmart and Target as Poffertjes maker.  The funny thing is, the makers at Target/Kmart actually have the octopus logo on it (Mistral Dutch Pancake Maker).

The next most important thing is the sauce - Japanese Mayonnaise (Kewpie) and Takoyaki sauce, both available at Asian grocery stores

Ingredients - mandatory
Flour for takoyaki (available at Japanese or Asian grocery) or just use plain flour - 300g
2 eggs

Ingredients - optional
Octopus - 400g (this is always optional, but Tako (Octopus) is the main reason for this dish)
Spring onion
Red pickled ginger
Takoyaki sauce
Japanese Mayo - Kewpie brand
Bonito Flakes - (Dried bonito flakes usually in the Japanese section of Asian groceries)

additional ingredients
Crabstick/corn/cabbage/cheese etc (anything you like)

1.       Boil octopus, leave it to cool and cut into pieces
2.       Whisk eggs in a small bowl
3.       Put flour in a big bowl, add 900ml water, little by little, mix well
4.       Add whisked egg in to flour mixture
5.       Cut spring onion (crab stick/cabbage/cheese, etc) into pieces and set aside.

Cooking method below each picture

Takoyaki Machine - The Chopping Board
Takoyaki Machine
Takoyaki ingredients - The Chopping Board
Optional ingredients - Cheese, Corn, Cabbage, Crabsticks, Tako (Octopus), Spring Onion
Takoyaki mixture - The Chopping Board
Flour mixture for Takoyaki
Takoyaki Machine - The Chopping Board
Oil the Machine and heat up
Takoyaki - The Chopping Board
Add flour into each hole, add desired ingredients
Takoyaki - The Chopping Board
After a few minutes on each side use a skewer to twirl each ball until it becomes round.  
Takoyaki - The Chopping Board
Leave in the machine and keep twirling until they become golden brown
Takoyaki - The Chopping Board
Final product - serve with Mayo, Takoyaki sauce and sprinkle Bonito flakes


Natasha @ Playing House said...

I'm getting excited just thinking about making these. Although, I've never cooked with octopus before. So how long roughly do you boil it for? What do you look for? :)


Anonymous said...

Hi! Love this recipe! What brand of Takoyaki sauce is best?

On The Chopping Board said...

@Natasha - There's no real rule for how long to cook octopus, you're going to be chopping it up to fine pieces anyway, so even tough octopus will be ok.

As long as it is white and not translucent is ok in my books.

@Anonymous - re the Sauce, I use this one - https://encrypted-tbn3.gstatic.com/images?q=tbn:ANd9GcS1JbUrOa3aFOJOXaqXvnGg0ya_risJOkm_djufOha3ucMFf6fecA

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