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We are Hayes, Nathan, Jess, Mirko and Tom.


JT said...

Great work guys/girls!! No one has posted so I thought I would. Just letting you know I read your blog quite a bit and love your work. Keep it going!

Adelaide Chopping Board said...

Thank you for the kind words JT. If you're from Adelaide and want us to try/review a restaurant, please let us know.

Cat said...

Hey people! I'm new to Adelaide (well, I've been here three and a half years but I still feel new) and can never think of anywhere to have lunch so I am devouring your CBD lunch spot reviews and hope to check out a few places next week. As I am writing this I've just spied your review of Chuck Wagon 175 which is somewhere I read about in the paper last week.... looking forward to keeping up with your blog.

Anonymous said...

Hi there, I was wondering if you knew that your reveiw of Lucky Lupitas is not opening properly.

I love that place and was really looking forward to reading your review.

Can this be fixed please? :)

Adelaide Chopping Board said...

Hi, I just tried it on a few different browsers and also mobiles and they seemed ok.

Can you please let me know what browser you are using, what operating system, etc



mrsashleap said...

*just in case PingPong forgets to ask*

I would be interested to hear what Tom thinks of the Vegan desserts at Elephant Walk


Anonymous said...

I was wondering if you could review Al Mina Mediterranean Patisserie
on Main North Rd? I have personally not been there yet….but i hear it is good

Anonymous said...

Hi. Just tried a hot dog last weekend from "Haddo's Hot Dogs" at Gilles Street Markets. I think they'll be at the Port Adelaide Markets next Sunday. Their hot dogs are incredible and not like any others I've tried. They do this double smoked pork sausage on a soft bun with a creamy sauce, onions and jalapenos and they're crunchy!! Thought you might be interested.

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